Simple style hacks to make your bathroom look pretty

A pretty bathroom. It’s the ideal, right?

You know the type: Candles burning beautifully, Aesop hand wash perfectly positioned in the corner of the sink and a lovely hanging plant adding to the indoor/outdoor vibe.

Update your accessories

In her previous role as Temple & Webster’s bedding, bath and soft furnishings buyer, Jess certainly discovered a thing or two about how to make a bathroom look beautiful.

Update your bathroom accessories to instantly pretty up the space. Picture: Freedom

“There are some really affordable and easy changes you can make to your bathroom, such as updating the bathroom accessories. Soap dispensers in a terrazzo or brass finish will aesthetically look the best,” she says.

Feature a pretty indoor plant

Oh, how we love an indoor plant. They’re by far one of the most cost-effective ways to liven up your bathroom and create a lovely vibe.

Use shelves & baskets

It might seem like a no-brainer, but keeping clutter organised is key in a gorgeous bathroom, says Kylie.

“Use the bathroom cabinets if you have them, otherwise shelves and baskets can keep everyday items out of sight and give your bathroom a cleaner, sleeker feel,” she says.

Find unique additions

Adding sweet style elements like a vintage stool next to the bath to place a plant on is a sure-fire way to amp up your bathroom’s pretty status.

Jess’ suggestion? “Visit second-hand antique stores where you can pick up a unique timber vanity which will not only save you money but act as your feature piece.”

Unique timber stools add a pretty and rustic touch. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

Hide toilet paper

Let’s be honest – that white roll of paper certainly isn’t a piece of art.

“Toilet paper rods are definitely dated,” says Jess. “It’s much nicer when they’re concealed within a storage basket.”

Maybe a change of your tapware is in order to enhance the space? Picture: Martina Gemmola

Change your tapware

Surprisingly, Kylie says changing your taps and cabinet knobs is fairly easy and can be a cost-effective exercise.

“This is a great start to updating an out-of-date bathroom,” she says.

Update bath linen

There’s nothing like stepping out of the shower where a lovely, luxe towel awaits. Make it a stylish towel, and boom – your bathroom style will be on point.

“Update your bath linen to compliment your bathroom,” says Jess. “Try contrasting colours such as navy, mustard or charcoal; they’ll act as your trend piece and it’ll be much more affordable than taking a huge risk in your tile and fit-out selection.”

“Update your bath linen to compliment your bathroom,” says Jess. Picture: La Abode

Enhance the space with a big mirror

If your bathroom is small, Kylie recommends using the biggest mirror your bathroom can fit. “This will increase light and make the space feel larger than it is,” she says.

Other hacks to make a small bathroom feel ‘pretty’? “You can pick up some great wall knobs these days for hanging towels on, which will make the space feel less cluttered,” says Kylie.

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