Sexy desk organisation ideas

“Nothing says sexy more than clean lines and simplicity,” says Robyn Amott, a professional organiser, and decluttering specialist.

As the owner of Bless this Mess and a member of the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO), Robyn’s days are spent helping her clients organise their home lives.

“The key to an organised office is to set limits on the volume of content you own, while also attempting to keep your workspace as clear as possible,” she says. “Productivity is best achieved when you have space to spread out without extra distractions.”

Noted! Here, Robyn shares her top desk organisation ideas to bring sexy back in your home office and get this space looking its best.

1. Keep decor minimal

Unified decor that oozes simplicity is ideal for an organised home workspace. Opt for a simple black theme with a pop of greenery to nail the look.

Simple yet sophisticated: This chic and minimalist workspace makes for killer desk organisation.

2. Hide unsightly appliance cables

The Kyotomoji – Box Your Life is the perfect place to keep all those essential items like pens, paper, cords and phones. The top compartment features a lid and a smartphone or gadget charger with clever holes in the back of the box that hide the cables. Genius.

This Japanese-inspired storage box features a hidden charging station for your phone. Picture: Kyotomoji

3. Add a bold splash of colour

Gold not really you? How about millennial pink? Add some character to your office by choosing a colour scheme that suits your personality. Continue to inject your own vibe into the space through artwork that you love.

Spice up your office with a bold feature wall painted in a colour you love, like millennial pink. Picture: Quartz

4. Ditch the in-trays

Swap the old-school office in-tray for a vertical desk file organiser solution. Use it to store the notebooks you’re currently using, desk paper, diaries, bills to pay, forms to complete, items to enter and other important files.

An acrylic desk organiser makes work life so much easier as you can easily access all your files – and clearly see what it is you’re pulling out. Picture: Neue Blvd

5. Go wireless

Printers can take up a lot of workspace. The trick? Out of sight, out of mind. So replace your existing printer with a wireless one; simply find a home in a nearby cupboard in which to store it.

This desk organisation idea showcases a dreamy example of a creative yet clean desk where chunky printers are out of sight and out of mind. Picture: Erinna Giblin

6. Go vertical

We often forget about the potential of vertical wall space. A smart, vertical storage solution which you can use as a secondary desk organiser shelf for important files, or as a bookshelf, stationery organiser, or to showcase a favourite photo, will ensure you never forget the power of going vertical.

7. Use a peg board

Peg boards are not just for the kids’ playroom – they’re perfect to use as a notice/inspiration board in your home office.

A peg board is seriously pretty and is a creative way to store your leather notebooks. Picture: Kmart

8. Pop a Post-It on it

Take the guesswork out of where everything lives by labelling it or popping a Post-It note onto it.

9. Keep stationery in one place

Neue Blvd does sexy desk organisation really well. From staplers to note holders, tape dispensers to pencil cases, there’ll be no excuses for not keeping your stationery organised. We love the tortoise collection, which features a mix of speckled browns and blacks with gold accents in a sleek style.

10. Under the desk storage

Desk drawers are essential for productivity in an organised workspace. Opt for a desk with at least three to five drawers so you can house all your stationery and important files.

Use the top drawer for your most frequently used items, the second drawer for technology accessories, and the third for filing or to store the current files you’re working on.

A desk with three to five drawers allows plenty of storage space to keep all your necessary files and stationery. Picture: Jordan James

11. Include a place to read

Being confined to your desk all day is no one’s idea of fun, so avoid relocating to the couch by including a stylish armchair and reading lamp in your office space.

By doing so, you’ll double the functionality of your space, while ensuring everything stays within the office rather than flowing into other spaces in the home.

Place a casual armchair in your study space for an alternative zone to read some important papers, or take time out. Picture: Kmart

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