Serious bedroom design inspiration from Amsterdam hotel

Where in the world could you book a room with a bicycle bed? Amsterdam, of course.

While most of the time hotel rooms are designed to be as comfortably bland as possible, the Volkshotel in Amsterdam let nine interior designers run wild with their rooms and the results are seriously inspirational.

The bike bed of your dreams. Picture: Mark Groeneveld

Fancy watching TV in bed? How about a film-noir-themed room?

What do you do when your partner wants a cabin in the woods, but you’re more of a ‘where would I plug my hairdryer?’ kind of person? They’ve got a room for that too … called Cabin In The Woods, obviously.

The Cabin In The Woods room designed by Gabor Disberg. Picture: Mark Groeneveld

The hotel held a competition among local designers back in 2014, who pitched around 40 ideas for rooms.

This room (with a name too rude for us to mention) is all about temptation and indulgence. Picture: Mark Groeneveld

The final nine were chosen and the results speak for themselves.

Volkshotel says the designs were chosen for their originality.

Johnny Jukebox is a room for music-lovers. You can surround yourself with CDs, vinyl, cassettes and even sleep in the jukebox. Picture: Mark Groeneveld

“We have deliberately chosen not only to cooperate with established names, but to search for a mix of emerging young talent and experienced creators.

The Cinema Boudoir room designed by Maja Markovic. Picture: Mark Groeneveld

“All designers have been closely involved throughout the process, from design to completion. They have put their heart and soul into the design.”

The special Bathing room, designed by Hanna Maring. Picture: Mark Groeneveld

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