See the Northern Lights from a ‘5 Million Star Hotel’

You’re invited to spend the night in a clear and cosy bubble with a completely uninterrupted view of the magical aurora borealis.

Looking to up your holiday game with an experience that’s so out of the box, it’s in a bubble? Sounds loopy, but hear us out.

Buubble’s ‘5 Million star Hotel’ gives you the chance to explore Iceland’s road-less-traveled and view the Northern Lights from a clear dome hidden in the hinterlands.

Enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Northern Lights. Picture: Buubble

The translucent bubble is made of plastic, but you can be sure you’ll be protected against the elements – even in the dead of winter when temperatures in nearby Reykjavik drop to -10°C.

A silent ventilation system works to keep the dome inflated with new and fresh air and protects the space from getting foggy from the warmth within.

A thermostat allows you to control heat to your preferences, so despite the snow outside, you’ll absolutely be kept warm and cosy.

Stays are available throughout summer, too. Picture: Buubble

The space itself is comprised of a small entryway and bedroom kitted out with a double bed and room for your things.

The main house nearby houses facilities like bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining area for guests.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you’d be able to see the aurora borealis in all it’s green glory, but even if you weren’t lucky on that particular evening, you’d still be privy to an uncensored view of the night sky and its millions of stars, and that’s still pretty dang cool.

Icy outside, toasty inside. Picture: Buubble

You can book the accommodation alone, or take your trip into the wild a step further with the Golden Circle tours.

Following a pick-up from Reykjavik, the overnight tour includes a stop in the Thingvellir National Park (a UNESCO world heritage site), the Geyser hot springs, the picturesque Gullfoss Waterfalls, the Fludir Secret Lagoon and finally, an evening in your bubble.

It’s an experience like no other. Picture: Buubble

Stays and tours are also available in summer, although instead of a view of the Northern Lights, you’ll be mesmerised by the midnight sun (read: bring an eye mask or stay awake all night).

The Golden Circle tour will set you back around 59.900 Iceland Krona (around $AU762). A night in the bubbles without the tour costs around 32,900 Iceland Krona ($AU418).

Does anyone want to split an Uber to the airport?

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