Seaside Surprise

A memorable beach vacation was the design inspiration for the owners of this 4-room HDB flat when they wanted to renovate their home. With the help of Urban Habitat’s interior designer, the young couple incorporated ideas of the sun, sand and the sea into their home. The result: a fresh and relaxing space that makes staying home a veritable holiday.
Project Type
4-room HDB
Floor Area
968 sqft
Text: Redzman Rahmat
Seaside Style
To achieve the “beach house” look that the homeowners requested, designer Whelan Lau from Urban Habitat picked out colour and material palettes that suggest a casual beach vacation. His selection includes natural textures and colours like sea blue on the curtains, leafy green on certain walls and wood grains on the carpentry works.
Down To The Details
“Another way that we managed to encourage a beach house vibe is by using wood laminates that are reminiscent of the planks you’d find by the beach,” says Whelan. This particular laminate is used on feature walls throughout the home, including the ones in the living and dining areas. Whelan also points out the importance of the furniture and accessories. “We were very involved in the selection of furniture and decorative items. So things like the sconces and wall-mounted mirrors contribute to the easy, laidback vibe in this home.”
Natural Cooking
In keeping with the material palette of the rest of the home, the kitchen cabinets are all clad in wood grain laminates. The resulting look is more subdued compared to the other rooms, but works well in a functional space such as this. Whelan understood that the homeowners needed ample storage and he complied by customising rows of cabinets on both walls.
Into The Blue
The seaside vacation theme continues in the master bedroom, where baby blue walls evoke memories of clear skies and balmy beaches. As with all bedrooms, the main focus here is to create a restful space that the occupants will feel safe and comfortable in. As such, the Urban Habitat team kept the design simple, focusing instead on accessorising the room with box crates and mounted wall mirrors.
Zesty Flavour
In order to make the home look larger, the wall of this spare bedroom has been replaced with a clear glass panel. Not only does the living room appear bigger, this study room enjoys the benefits of having a clear line of sight to the television set outside. Also of note is the lime green hue on the wall and on accent parts of the carpentry. “We only used natural tones in this home,” Whelan emphasises, “so I used colours like green and blue to keep the interiors feeling fresh and fun.”
“We only used natural tones in this home, so I used colours like green and blue to keep the interiors feeling fresh and fun.”
Design by Urban Habitat