Scandinavian style on a Shoestring

With its visually relaxing feel and strong emphasis on simplicity and functionality, what’s not to love about Scandinavian style? We unveil some gorgeous furniture and home decor investments that will help you achieve a distinctly Scandinavian look in an affordable way.
Simple coffee and side tables
Image source: Ollie & Seb’s Haus
Scandinavian style coffee tables or side tables are not only user friendly, but very easy to match with any home décor style. Choose pieces with a simple structure, clean lines and a pale, natural wood finish. For smaller apartments, a handy space-enhancing trick is to go for organic (rounder) forms. These have a lighter feel than boxy-looking furniture and add a soft, friendly touch to your interior (the lack of corners also makes them safe for young children). For maximum versatility, go for side tables, which can be placed in your living room or bedroom.
Statement Rugs
Showcase your love for Scandinavian style with a patterned rug that complements your coffee table and other furnishings. If the pattern is a bit heavier or quite striking, stick to neutral tones or muted colours to avoid visual overload and maintain a calm, Nordic ambience.
DAW or DSW chairs
Source: Planet Deco
With their iconic ‘Eiffel Tower’ frames, the DAW Chair or DSW Chair are both designed to perfectly complement the contours of human form for maximum comfort. Featuring intricately crafted legs to contrast with the strong, flexible polypropylene seat, both these chairs have a sleek, contemporary look and come in a wide variety of colors.
Sleek pendant Lamps
Image source: Atle Tveit Design (via Cargo Collective)
Lighting is critical to the Scandinavian look. Pendant lamps are not only functional, but also add a making them a valuable accent to any home or office. Go for a white or natural finish to bounce around as much light as possible and brighten up the ambience of the room.

Credits: HipVan