Rustic Industrial or Cool Scandinavian

Rustic Industrial
The industrial look is so popular you can find it in cafes, retail stores, homes and even offices. One of its strongest appeal lies in its simplicity: raw textures, exposed surfaces and an openness to imperfection. Untreated cement floors, raw brick walls and exposed piping are common looks, but don’t be surprised to learn that a lot of effort is needed to make it look this effortless!
To achieve the look, stick to metal, wood and stone. Greenlam predicts a more laidback version of the industrial look as homeowners bring in other design influences to soften the grittiness. Laminates with concrete, granite or even carbon fibre surfaces are all the rage in industrial homes. They offer the look and feel of the real thing but without the heaviness or the need for constant maintenance.
GCN 5616 Urban Concrete laminate, from Greenlam
SIR 5605 Euclid Grey Granite laminate, from Greenlam
Ciment dining set, price on enquiry, from Courts
Sonata 3-seater sofa, price on enquiry, from Courts
Spark V2 bar chair, $298.53, from Comfort Design
Light Hang 0008 Series pendant lamp, $85.60 each, from Comfort Design
Cool Scandinavian
The Scandinavian look is loosely defined by bright and airy interiors with a neutral colour scheme that is punctuated by bright pops of colours. It’s a look that is popular the world over, and readily embraced by Singaporean homeowners.
To bring the Scandinavian style into your home, throw open the windows and let the sunlight flood your home. Keep the profile of the furniture slim, lightweight and clean. When it comes to colours and materials, choose wood and white tones with the occasional greys and blacks. But just as important is the inclusion of accent colours. It could be a statement lounge chair, a showstopping pendant lamp or playful scatter cushions.
WSN 5401 Argent Elm laminate, from Greenlam
WVB 5316 Oak Radiance laminate, from Greenlam
Jordan sofa, $6,045, from The Bear Knows
Bang cushions, $368 to $382, from Dream
Aigner armchair, price on enquiry, from Grafunkt
Isaac 4-drawer dresser, price on enquiry, from Lush
Pino seat & Plug leg, price on enquiry, from Comfort