Practical yet creative ideas for your home office

Making the most out of the limited space in an apartment is very challenging.

One idea to solve this problem is to create a workspace in your bedroom; however, not everyone likes the idea of bringing work into their private space.

For a lot of people, the bedroom is a place to relax and be lazy, not a place to stress over work.

On the other hand, if you are living in a small apartment, it could be a luxury to have a separate bedroom and workspace.

These design ideas, help defy this idea by creating a space that is both conducive for work and rest.

Let your desk face towards the window

Facing your chair and desk outside has a significant impact when you have limited space. When your bed is behind your back, you become oblivious to the fact that you are working in your bedroom. That makes you more productive and also less sleepy while working.

A long table makes an excellent choice for a work desk because it offers more space to hold your documents and other things you might need space for.

However, if most of your files or documents are online, you can probably get a smaller table.

Get an ergonomic chair

Aside from the desk, your chair also plays an integral part in your productivity if you place your workspace in your bedroom.

With that said, an ergonomic chair is a perfect choice to go along with your desk. Not only will it improve your productivity, but it is also good for your health.

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Separate your bed from your workspace

Who says you cannot put a distinction between your rest and work area even if they you combine them in the same room? You can either put a curtain or a small divider between your workspace and your bed.

Draw the curtains together when you start working and close them once you finish. With your workspace out of sight, you also tell yourself consciously that it is rest time already.

To further emphasise on the distinction between work and play, create a set schedule when should you work and for how long. Once you finish the designated work schedule, you should not work beyond that.

“What if you have limited space?”

Here are some suggestions if your space is insufficient and can’t accommodate all the suggestions above.

Get a multi-purpose bed/furniture

If you have a small bachelor’s pad or a studio-type apartment with limited space, try getting a sofa bed – use it as a sofa which you can use for working during the day and turning it into a bed in the evening. You can also use your bedside table as a workplace.

You need to be careful with this setup, however, because they provide no distinction between work and rest. As a solution, you can turn your laptop off and fold it, or clear the table as a signal that it’s your rest time.

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Hide your desk inside your closet

If you can, you can have a built-in desk inside your closet where you can hide it after you’re done working. With the desk and chair out of sight, you remove any visual reminder about work inside your bedroom.

Ikea is a go-to for clever and stylish closet organisers. Picture: Ikea

Get a Murphy bed

The Murphy bed works the other way. You can fold and hide it in your wall during the day. Without the bed in sight, your bedroom looks like a dedicated office. It also prevents you from sitting on the bed with your laptop while working.

Or get a sunken bed

Getting a sunken bed makes the room appear more spacious. It also gives different levels in your bedroom. Most of all, it provides a clear distinction between your work and play area.

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The most important, however, is…..

While decorating your small apartment and looking for things you can put there, don’t forget the following:

Make sure you still have enough storage

Since your bedroom will also be your office, you will eventually bring in various kinds of documents and other work-related stuff, such as paper, stationery, folders, etc.

Keep them organised in shelves and file storage to avoid clutter.

If you can, make a digital copy of all of everything and simply place them in cloud storage.

Who will be using the space aside from you

Will the workspace only for you or sharing it with another?

Make sure that you consider the preferences and needs of anyone who will be sharing that space with you. Also, make sure that there will be enough space for both of you even when working at the same time.

You have adequate lighting

A table lamp is important to have, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Picture: Unsplash

Lighting also plays an essential role in your productivity. Make sure you have the proper life during work and rest.

If you have a window, utilise natural lighting as much as possible during the day when you’re working. If none, you can either use a desk lamp or overhead lights. Place them behind your screen to avoid glare while working.

This post was first published on Property Quotient.