Pinecone gazebo is made with 109 waterproof scales

Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome and teepee-like structures, this self-supporting dome, called Pinecone, is inspired by natural patterns and consists of 109 waterproof plywood scales layered in seven tiers.

The versatility of Pinecone is what makes it stand out – you can use it as a sheltered gazebo for a picnic on a hot summer’s day, pop it above a sandpit or use it for backyard kids’ parties. The structure can comfortably fit up to 26 children.

A cool shelter like nothing you’ve seen before, made of waterproof plywood scales treated with resistant varnish. Picture: Atelier SAD

Designed by street furniture company mmcité, the Pinecone shelter is available for purchase on Envoy.

“Due to the fact the structure is self-standing, each part has to be carefully and precisely produced so that it fits together,” says Jon Steiner, director of Envoy.

Once inside the gazebo, it’s feels airy, private and protected from the elements.

A circular bench sits along the external boundary of the structure, making it the perfect place to chill out with friends and share stories. The top dome skylight means you can even set up an outdoor firepit inside. Or there’s the option to mount a cover for the skylight, if you wish.

Party time: Light up your outdoor firepit inside the Pinecone shelter for a backyard event to remember. Picture: Atelier SAD

The gazebo can be easily transported and can be assembled within one day.

The mmcite Pinecone costs AUD$30,000 to buy, depending on quantity and your final delivery location. Installation is excluded.

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