Piece by Piece – Tips for Spacious Homes

The owner of this spacious Urban Resort condominium apartment loved what Ciseern did for his first home. So when it came to the design of his second property, which he intended to rent out, he handed the design reins over to Ciseern once more. The result is a clean and simple home that acts as a blank canvas for the tenants to fill in over the years. At the same time, Ciseern showcased their flair for design with distinct focal points throughout the home.
Project Type
3-room Condominium
Floor Area
2,200 sqft
Text by: Redzman Rahmat
Naturally Spacious
One of the biggest advantages of this apartment is its expansive floor space. The living room, dining room and kitchen have all been kept open for a natural flow of air and light. “The apartment is quite big, so we felt like we should respect the spaciousness by keeping the interior clean and organic,” says one of the designers. The original layout came with an open kitchen and it was incorporated into the design as an extension of the living spaces.
Blank Canvas
The design team wanted to create a blank canvas for the new homeowners to personalise over the years. As such, a monochromatic colour palette was employed. The feature wall is clad in a striking high gloss black laminate. Though eye-catching, the feature wall easily serves as an easy backdrop to work with should tenants decide to bring in decorative ornaments.
Mirror, Mirror
Despite opting for a simple design in this home, Ciseern wanted to bring a ‘wow’ factor that would leave a lasting impression. This takes place on the wall next to the dining area. Instead of the ubiquitous mirrored wall, the designers placed a three-dimensional structural art piece against a mirror backing. This wall looks into the dining room, living hall and kitchen, becoming a focal point in this home. The art piece features angular facets that jut out to create a unique 3D effect with mirrored surfaces that provide the showstopping factor in this home.
Connecting Rooms
The benefit of having such a large floor area is that every bedroom has its own attached bathroom. The master bathroom in particular, is very spacious and, with its elegant design, wouldn’t look out of place in a five-star hotel.
Go For Gold
The bedroom features a metallic luxe theme, with shades of gold, copper and creamy beige on the floor, walls and furniture. The wall above the bed, in particular, has been given special attention. Padded headboards rise up to the ceiling, looking luxuriant cladded in cream-coloured synthetic leather with a subtle gold shimmer.