Picture Perfect

When families move into their new home, there’s usually still a lot to be done before it is even presentable. This family, however, wanted their home to be as put together as possible when they moved in and asked Milan Interior to help them out with everything from the renovation to the styling of the various spaces.
Project Type: Semi-detached House
Floor Area: 5,577 sqft
Living Statement
All is in order in the living area where a simple timber-based feature wall holds court at the front. Furniture choices are particularly interesting here with the designers choosing to go with a large sofa set in powder pink and a complementary sofa in purple. Instead of looking overly pretty, the unexpected colours give the space a fresh and modern feel.
Going Up
Lifts in landed homes are becoming more of a norm than the luxury they previously were. Here, a lift right between the living and dining areas helps to future-proof the house as parents age and also offers much-welcomed convenience. Aesthetically, it is kept appropriately subdued so as not to distract from the rest of the spaces.
Be Our Guest
Parties and gatherings are common in this household and a proper space that would allow for fuss-free hosting is a must. For this, a large open concept kitchen with its seamless cabinets is the ideal place to do final preparations for food and drinks while guests linger around. The designers cleverly pushed the dining table up against the island counter so that the dining area appears as an effortless extension of the kitchen.
Entertainment Zone
Milan Interior designed this home to reflect its owners’ familial values and penchant for social gatherings. Large, open spaces are perfect for guests to casually mingle around, as seen in the set up in the dining hall, where a large dining table sits conveniently next to the dry kitchen and is just within visual range of the living room.
Light Cooking
A light, Scandinavian feel takes over in the wet kitchen, which has been designed as an efficient galley cooking space. Ample storage comes in the form of both overhead and under-counter cabinets while a black quartz counter top helps to keep things practical and easy to maintain.
“Large open spaces are perfect for guests to casually mingle around, as seen in the set up in the dining hall.”
Design by Milan Interior Design Pte Ltd
Text By: Redzman Rahmat