Pampered by Nature

Why go for a holiday when your own home is a personal retreat to rival the best resorts? One might imagine that’s how the owners of this apartment feel. Designed by interior design firm Weiken, this relaxing apartment pays homage to nature, but with a fair share of luxury thrown in. Timber textures play a pivotal role in creating the down-to-earth feel of the space while polished finishes have been thrown in as a suitable contrast.
Project Type
3-bedroom Condominium
Floor Area
1,600 sqft
Text: Redzman Rahmat
Nature’s Charm
The home feels very modern, but also offers a clear nod to rusticity. Avoiding anything too stark and pristine, the living area and its adjacent dry kitchen is wrapped in warm tones: the walls have been painted in a comforting latte colour, laminated joinery all feature the natural textures of honey-tone timber, and a bronzy feature panel adds an element of luxe while keeping things warm and welcoming. Another notable feature is the wall lighting feature that follows the abstracted form of a tree. It adds a playful nod to the apartment’s design inspiration while keeping things tasteful.
First Impressions
The entrance foyer wastes no time in setting the tone in the apartment. It is cloaked in soft, sandy tones, not least because of the woodgrain laminate that has been used over built-in cabinets. In a clever play of balance, the design team incorporated mirrored accents on the cabinet fronts to break up the expanse of timber textures. Playing along with the look, the walls have been painted in a complementary biscuit colour.
A Night Out
Just beyond the living area is a luxurious outdoor deck. In the evening, this space is perfect for convivial gatherings under the balmy night sky with friends and family. Little needed to be done to this space. The only bit of decoration comes in the form of wall lighting that casts a graphical shadow on the wall.
Play Time
The only room that departs from the nature-inspired theme is the son’s room. A veritable playground of colours, the boy’s room is flanked by padded panels in solid hues. Even the study desk is spruced up in a trio of colours – yellow, red and blue. The bed is pushed up against the window and framed by overhead storage and a low platform with concealed storage for toys and other knick-knacks.
The Knowledge Tree
Even the study, though associated with work, has been treated as a retreat for the senses. The timber textures that were present in the rest of the apartment are introduced here in the form of a generous work unit for two. Keeping things fun and casual, a light feature in the form of a graphical tree adorns the wall.
“The walls have been painted in a comforting latte colour
and laminated joinery all feature the natural textures of honey-tone timber… keeping things warm and welcoming.”
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