Organising kitchen storage space

Prim and proper

Idea #1:  Maximise every inch

Unless we live in mansions, all of us face a problem of not having enough space. This scarcity does not mean that we have to trim our kitchens. Instead, we can make use of every little bit of space we have for storing things. Get them customised to fit. Also remember to only store things you do not need to use daily in the upper cabinets!

Idea #2: Lift-up cabinets

Top cabinets should have doors that lift up whenever possible. This way, it prevents accidental knocking as opposed to the types with swivel doors when the cabinet doors are open. Besides, should there be a row of cabinet side-by-side, they can all be opened at the same time, making it easier to organise things after grocery shopping.

An alternative is to have lift-up fittings that cleverly conceal kitchen appliances like a microwave.

Idea #3: Basket-case

More of a case for basket accessories for the cabinets, baskets are extremely useful to keep things well sorted. They allow you to group things together in a neat manner. Furthermore, having things grouped and sorted makes it easier to know if they need replenishing.

Idea #4: Roll-out or pull-out cabinets

Cabinets that roll-out make it a lot easier to retrieve items especially when accessorised with baskets. Furthermore, there is a reduced need to bend low for a longer period of time when searching for things. If you want to take convenience up a notch higher, there is a roll-out and swivel type which rotates on an axis. Another variation is a pull-out cabinet which brings its shelved or basket content out in full view. It is very much like those pop-out books.

Idea #5: More drawers

Common choices are two-tiered or three-tiered drawers and according to David, they are great for storing things. To make things even neater, drawers can be accessorised with drawer organisers and trays to keep all the knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks and such in neat order. It is perfect for the obsessive compulsive.

Idea #6: U-shaped drawers

Even the space under the kitchen sink can be fully utilised with customised U-shaped drawers that wraps around the bottom of the sink and its piping. Clever!

According to David, it pays to get heavy duty drawers that can hold weight so that they can last longer. The drawers from Artset Design can withstand 60kg, which means that they can even hold pots and pans, lots of them!

Idea #7: Specialty storage areas

Sadly, square bottles never really picked up which means that regular cabinets and drawers do not quite cut it to store them. Luckily, there are specialised storage cabinets that hold odd-shaped items, like bottles be they wine or seasoning.

Idea #8: Corner units

With the right solution, corners can be fully utilised too. There are corner drawers and then there are corner accessories that pull-out, rotate or pop-out when the cabinet doors are open.

Idea #9: Islands

Island counters can be used to store things too! Frequently used items like toasters or cookie jars will find their home there and even draw family members to gather there. An added bonus: Island counters look classy, and that draws envy.

Every little thing: General kitchen tips by David, Artset Design

  • Kitchen cabinets do come with a warranty period, know what it covers!
  • White is the safest colour to select. They are easiest to match.
  • If you are stuck for ideas, look to kitchen designers for inspiration.
  • Throw junk away. Even the biggest kitchens will run out of space!
  • Don’t forget the safety aspect of your kitchen. Put in safety mechanisms

A special thanks to David Hong, director of Artset Design Sdn Bhd, a kitchen cabinet and wardrobe specialist for providing inspiration to the ideas on these pages. Artset Design carries imported as well as proprietary kitchen solutions.

Pictures courtesy of Artset Design Sdn Bhd, Romagna and Kessebohmer