Moley the kitchen robot will change your life

You’ll never have an argument with your partner over who’s cooking tonight with Moley the kitchen robot in your life.

The Moley Robotic Kitchen is the world’s first fully-automated and intelligent cooking robot – and it’s set to go on sale in 2018.

This isn’t your ordinary robot, either. Besides the kitchen’s enabling technology – made up of two complex and articulated hands – Moley comprises of kitchen cabinetry, a complete set of kitchen equipment and appliances, and a high-tech motion capture system that allows the robot chef to move at human speed and cook anything a human chef can. Go figure.

Moley Robotic Kitchen’s technology comprises of two complex and fully articulated hands – that move like human hands. Picture: Moley

This motion capture system will also be used to generate a digital library of recipes for Moley to cook.

So you can say goodbye to those last-minute evening trawls on your fave food blogs just to find a decent and healthy recipe to whip up in 20 minutes. Moley will do it all for you.

The idea is that because the Moley Kitchen cooks perfectly every time, food waste will be reduced. Picture: Moley

Moley Robotic Kitchen was first founded in 2014 by London-based computer scientist, robotics and healthcare innovator Dr Mark Oleynik.

The robot’s design is modular and as a result can be configured to fit kitchens in all homes, big and small.

Kitchen cabinetry? Tick. Kitchen equipment and appliances? Tick. Robot to whip up your meal for you? Tick. Picture: Moley

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