Matte finishes to fall in love with

Popularity around matte finishes is ramping up and we like it. A lot.

As we revealed this week, understated luxury, bringing the outdoors in and using natural patterns are top trends in 2017. Matte finishes fit perfectly into this ballpark thanks to their soft, subtle and refined look.

With that in mind, here are three ways to use matte finishes at home.

1. In your paint

Raw aesthetics, calming tones with a Scandi-style influence and textured pieces – from rugs and chunky throws to vases and matte ceramics – will reign supreme this year.

They’re a reminder that through the hustle and bustle of daily living, we can come home, chill out and take a well-earned breather in serene surrounds.

A trending colour palette for 2017, as named by Dulux Colour Trends, is Sentience and it brings this whole idea together.

The Dulux Colour Trends for 2017 reveal the Sentience colour palette as one to watch this year. Styling: Bree Leech & Heather Nette King. Picture: Lisa Cohen.

Whether it’s a bespoke matte finish on a bedroom door, flat matte paint on the walls or a revamped window box painted matte pink, consider using this trend as a wall finish.

“We’re seeing a lot of matte finishes being used now in living rooms as wall textures and in kitchens,” says Shareen Joel from multi-disciplinary interior design and interior architecture practice Shareen Joel Design.

“I personally love the idea of using it as a wall texture in a powder room.”

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2. In your homewares

Felicity Mann, a Melbourne-based interior designer, is no stranger to matte finishes. The avid traveler launched her own business, Mint Interior Design, as a way to combine her passion for design and beautiful products.

“Don’t over-complicate the look with too much pattern or colour,” she says of the matte finish trend. “Remember it’s all about the texture, shades and tones of colours. Choose tactile items that you want to reach out and run your hand over.”

Blush and dusk are popular matte finishes to consider in your homewares, like these cushions from Cultiver. Styling and photography: Renata Ferko.

“Textural macramé, fur, leather, felt and woolen fabrics all enhance this raw, organic look.”

Meanwhile, artwork with soft finishes and greenery, framed in natural raw oak is another great way to bring this style into your home.

Let your art tell a story at home. Picture: Mint Interior Design.

3. In your kitchen & dinnerware

Joel says matte and chalky finishes work well against metallics like black, bronze, silvers and brass, while Mann prefers pairing the raw look of concrete, terrazzo and limestone with metals such as brass, matte black and rose gold.

“The trend of gloss cabinetry has disappeared,” says Mann.

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“Shiny surfaces have been replaced with matte cabinets and we’re seeing lots of raw matte stone splashbacks, matte tap wear, and even door handles and light switches all in matte finishes.

“Ceramics with a textural raw matte finish, trays and vases will also create the look.”

These Robert Gordon ceramics in rose quartz are the perfect addition to any table. Picture: Robert Gordon Australia.

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