Making the Cut

Some like their homes quiet and subdued, others like their abodes to be livelier – it all depends on the personality of the homeowner. In this case, the homeowners wanted a home that would energise them and reflect their bold personalities. To this end, White Attic Interior designed a contemporary interior with its fair share of daring colours and dynamic lines.
Project Type: 4-room HDB
Floor Area: 990 sqft
The Right Angle
The layout of the living area is as straightforward as they come, but the designers wanted to break the standard linearity of the space. For this, simple design gestures were all that was needed. For example, thin crisscrossing lines accentuate the glossy white laminated feature wall behind the TV. Overhead, a simple lowered ceiling panel runs diagonally across the space to subtly splice the living room.
Kitchen Culture
The owners had a vision of casual, open living and having an open-concept kitchen was part of that ideal. As such, the designers knocked down the walls that previously hemmed in the kitchen and designed it as a contemporary cooking space in red and white. A key feature of the kitchen is the bar counter that overlooks the living area.
Compact Cooking
Keeping things compact and efficient, the kitchen proper takes on a galley configuration with cabinets on both sides. A careful balance between worktop space and storage space ensues here, with only a single countertop on one side hosting the sink and hob. The rest of the space has been dedicated to storage for a spic and span kitchen.
High Shine
Like the living area, the bedroom is generously endowed with glossy finishes – TV feature panel and wardrobe, for example – for a modern, up-to-date feel. However, it has also been kept very simple so as not to overwhelm the senses.
Design by: White Attic Interior Pte Ltd 
Text by: Redzman Rahmat