Low-cost Tricks to Refresh Your Living Room

If your living room is looking somewhat tired, it may be time to spruce it up. Sometimes all you need is a fresh start to bring back a sense of vitality to your space. Instead of moving to a new place or renovating your house, we’ve put together some low-cost ways you can revitalise your living room without breaking the bank. 
By Rossara Jamil
1. Stick It Up
A blank wall is one of the easiest component of the living room that you can quickly change. A fresh coat of paint, a framed poster or a roll of wallpaper can instantly raise the style stakes without dipping too much into your wallet. But we hear you; painting a room or hanging up wallpaper can be a tiring chore! Thankfully, wall decals and stickers are a popular home decoration solution. They’re easy to apply and can be easily stripped off if you’re hankering for something new. There are countless designs to choose from, including some home-related quotes like the one in this home designed by Meter Square.
2. Soft Approach
Adding cushions and throws to a room setting can go a long way in adding depth and variety to your space. Replace old and tattered curtains, cushion covers, carpets and other soft furnishing with new fabrics for that instant style swap. To make the biggest impact, pick colours and designs that are completely different from your old colour scheme. We like the Designers Guild fabrics available from Romanez, there’s a wide range to choose from and they all offer something unique to the home. Feel free to experience with prints, patterns and textures too.
3. Pare it Down
Let’s face it. The reason why your living room looks so tired and old is because it’s probably over-crowded, cluttered and messy. The simplest way to breathe new life into a space is to remove any unwanted items – almost like you’re starting from scratch. Assess the living room and throw away (or give away) things that you don’t need or hardly use. Remove small objects that clutter pockets of spaces to put the focus on larger pieces. This home, designed by Bluprin.ID, keeps the furniture choices to a minimum.
4. Green is Good
In Singapore, keeping houseplants just means adding another chore to the list of housework. But having plants can rejuvenate your home in more ways than one. Plants such as the snake plant and Boston fern are natural air purifiers that remove airborne chemicals and toxic gases from the air we breathe. They also add lively colour to your home and make the interiors feel more welcoming. Just by bringing in a tall plant to a corner of your room, or a cactus to a side table, can do wonders in adding life to a space.
5. All Together Now
Love to collect glassware, plates and other knickknacks? Here’s a quick way to use them to spice up your living room and at the same time, come up with a great way to display your collection. Group your favourite objects together to make the greatest impact. Place them on a console, or in the case of these gorgeous display plates, mount them on the wall to make a stunning feature.
6. Refurbish Your Furniture
The sofa is the largest piece of furniture in the living room. So if it’s looking worst for wear, it’ll be the first thing your guests will notice when they step in. Instead of tossing it out and buying a new one, consider reupholstering them for a quick, fresh update. For something different, try upholstery in a patterned look.