Lighting trends to shine bright in 2019

From organic shapes and linear lines to marvellous marble, these are the hottest lighting trends to light up your home this year.

Lighting can make or break a space, says interior stylist Jillian Dinkel, adding: “It’s the single most impactful way to create mood and ambience in your home”.

Lighting has quickly transformed to become a creative way to add personal style to a space. Today there are several sculptural and artistic pieces on the market, and each piece of lighting is installed with functionality at front of in mind.

It is recommended that each space in your home should include ambient, task and accent lighting; because of this, lighting should never be considered an afterthought, but rather an integral step in the design of any home.

We love this hand-shaped ceramic pendant. Picture: Denise Braki/Temple & Webster. Styling: Jono Fleming.

To help you create some special lighting in your abode, Jillian has shared her top five trend predictions for the year ahead.

1. Organic shapes

There once was a time and place for the rounded bulb, but in 2019, Jillian says we can expect to see more variety in the shapes of our lighting styles.

“The year will continue to usher in more organic shapes, materials and light sources,” she says.

“Irregular shapes and handmade lights will reign supreme over mass-produced and manufactured materials.”

Look out for hand-blown glass, pottery and woven pendants.

We’re mesmerised… Light by Mark Douglass, designed by Jillian Dinkel Designs for Warrane DCF. Picture: Jacqui Turk.

2. Linear lighting

“Lighting is leaning toward the big and bold this year to match the overarching shift from minimalism to maximalism,” says Jillian.

In 2019, Jillian says lighting will become much more of a statement in the home. We’re talking about large-scale, sculptural art pieces.

“Light fixtures are standing in as art pieces and to dramatic affect. Linear lighting is transforming from singular, minimalist battens to horizontal masterpieces.”

Not sure about you, but we’re obsessed.

Big Kick in brass light by Volker Haug Studio. Picture: Haydn Cattach

3. Marvellous marble

Marble will never not be popular in the home in some way, shape or form, but in 2019 marble will take a smaller step down from kitchen and bathroom bench tops to wall sconces and table lamps.

“Marble is fast becoming the material of choice in lighting, moving beyond lamp bases and slight accents,” Jillian says.

“It is being used in innovative ways as shown in the lighting of Henry Wilson and Marz Designs.”

Marble as a whole is becoming more bold, too, says Jillian. Look out for more unique stone species with bolder colours and stronger veining.

The Henry Wilson Surface Sconce makes our knees weak. Picture: Henry Wilson

4. Localism

Aussie artisans and local designers are killing the lighting game in 2019, which is why Jillian is encouraging us to look closer to home when choosing lights for your place.

Aussie artisans and local designers are killing the lighting game in 2019, which is why Jillian is encouraging us to look closer to home when choosing lights for your place.

“Local artistry in lighting design has never been more prolific and we’ll be enjoying the fruits of that labour this year.”

Designers to watch include Henry Wilson, Ross Gardam, Christopher Boots and Articolo Lighting, all of which are helmed by Australian designers.

Aussie designers are lighting up our lives with stunning designs. Picture: Ross Gardam

5. Hamptons style

The Hamptons style is going nowhere in a hurry, with so many coastal and even inner-city abodes making the most of the trend in just about every way – from textural cushions to furniture.

“This overarching theme has trickled down to lighting design with large-scale woven fibre lamps and pendants,” says Jillian.

This lighting trend is flexible with designers using textures like rattan, bamboo and wicker to achieve the look, and at a range of price points, too.

IKEA Industriell pendant light, AUD$49.

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