Is your home design costing you your relationship?

Is your home design costing you your relationship?
Check out these 7 design mistakes to avoid to keep your relationship strong at home!
Your house is only fit for function
If you have been treating your house simply as a place to eat, sleep, and repeat, then it’s time you stop it. Your house shouldn’t just be yet another place of accommodation. It should be a home – a space where you and your partner cohabit and build on your relationship together. That’s also the reason why many couples pay so much attention to ensure their house is a home they both truly love living in. So, to set the right ambience for your relationship, don’t just go for function, go for a home design you love!
Having a home design that you and your partner both love is always helpful in setting the right ambiance for bonding! Interior Designer:
There’s no cozy spot for the two of you
But the thing is, it’s not just about having a nice home design. It’s also about how well your home design boosts your relationship. And no matter how long you have been in the relationship, one thing you can’t do without are the cozy corners where you and your partner can bond together. It could be the nice comfy sofa in the living room where you two can share some private time watching your favourite shows together….
Interior Designer: Rezt & Relax
…or the balcony where both of you can chill and wind down after a day’s work.
Interior Design: D’Planner
Or, if you’re a foodie, your kitchen might even be your cozy corner to binge out and bond!
Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
Your home colour is a relationship disaster
Cozy corners aside, there’s another design element that might sabotage your relationship, in the long run, if you’re doing it wrongly. And that is your home colour. As you might have heard before, colours affect your mood, and this can’t be more relevant to interior design. For instance, if you’re looking for a more sexciting life, you might want to avoid having bedrooms of white, beige, green or grey hues, as studies have shown couples sleeping in such bedrooms made less love (Yikes!).
If you must have grey or white hues for couple bedrooms, add in brown/caramel colours to keep the room balanced, just like this one by Dap Atelier!
Instead, go for caramel-coloured bedrooms, which tend to remind you of chocolate, a food that releases dopamine, the very chemical that puts you in the mood for love!
If you’re looking for a caramel bedroom design idea, check out this bedroom from Design by Fifteen!
Your home is all about clutter
Now, even with the right room colours, you and your partner will still not love your home if it’s all about clutter. So when designing your love nest, think of ways to keep your space looking clean and neat. The more spacious and neat your home looks, the better your mood will be, and the better it will be for your relationship. Even if your home is indeed small, and you really have alot of things to keep, you can still make it look more spacious and neat, with these tips here.
No space is ever too small for living, so long as you know your space saving secrets, just like this home designed by Distinct Identity.
There’s too much of one of you
Alright, so you’ve got a home that looks great and neat, and the colours make you feel awesome, but here’s what. If your home design is catering too heavily to the needs of just one party, then it might be affecting your relationship too. Imagine having a partner at home who’s always busy with his/her own hobbies and home decor ideas that he/she has little time for you. How boring would that be for you, right? So, if there’s a hobby room, make sure there’s room for two!
Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
And, be sure to create spaces that belong to both of you emotionally. In fact, even having a simple display of your fond memories on the wall, can help create the emotional bond to your home.
Interior Designer: Atelier Concept
You have workstations at the wrong places
Now, this last home design mistake is probably the most important one and the most understated one. Because it often happens subconsciously, without you even realizing it. When was the last time, you or your partner brought work home and ended up doing work either in the bedroom, or while watching TV or even in the midst of dinner? We can be sure when you first designed your home, you never meant these places to turn into workstations. But somehow, subconsciously and slowly, it became a habit that cozy corners, where you’re supposed to be bonding, became workstations. And that’s a major no-no to relationships. So instead, why not set a separate room for your workstation and keep work outside of your lovey-dovey time?
Interior designer: Distinct Identity
So, are you committing any of the home design mistakes? Be sure to correct them if you are!