Is this the world’s most remote tiny house?

Would you spend the night in a tiny house perched on a remote clifftop?

This incredible structure has been built by Slovenian architecture firm OFIS Arhitekti on Mount Kanin, on the border between Slovenia and Italy.

The Kanin Winter Cabin is a tiny 9.7sqm, offering shelter for hikers from the area’s harsh conditions.

It provides three sleeping platforms to accommodate nine keen mountaineers.

The remote cabin can only be accessed by climbing or taking a helicopter.

The architects chose the site because of its 360-degree alpine views, which go all the way to the Soca Valley and the Adriatic Sea.

The structure offers a large glazed panoramic window to capture the incredible aspect and is cantilevered to overhang the clifftop.

A remote and spectacular place to spend the night. Picture: Janez Martincic

The difficult construction involved the Slovenian army using a helicopter to lift the cabin into position, according to OFIS Arhitekti.

The tricky process was completed on the third attempt due to bad weather and unexpected turbulence.

“The challenge is to install real objects on remote sites and study their response to extreme weather, radical temperature shifts, snow and rugged terrain,” OFIS Arhitekti says of the design.

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