How you can have chilled wine in 30 seconds

This compact canister can cool down an entire bottle of room temperature vino in a hot minute. We’ll drink to that!

When wine time finally rolls around, you’d be wise to have a bottle chilling in the fridge, ready to be cracked open to cheers come 6pm on a Friday.

But forgetting to get your chill on ahead of time can lead to a slow start to the weekend – either you spend an hour checking on a bottle in the freezer every five minutes, or you resort to watering down your vino with ice (neither are very favourable choices).

A chilled glass is just 30 seconds away. Picture: Getty

On a mission to change all that, Alexander Simone invented the ProntoBev, a sleek canister engineered to chill an entire bottle of wine to the ideal drinking temp of 11°C in just 30 seconds – a whole 40 times faster than the freezer.

The device, which can live in the freezer in between uses or be popped in an hour before it’s needed, has an interior of wine-grade stainless steel and trade secret ProntoGel, which works to rapidly cool any liquid that’s poured in through the opening.

A built-in thermometer indicates the dropping temperature of the liquid inside, and when the vino reaches desired drinking temp, is easily poured out back into the bottle through a second spout.

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Just half a minute after pouring your full bottle in, your wine is ready to be drunk. Picture: ProntoBev

Not only can the canister save your sauvignon, but it can also cool other liquids, too.

Make iced coffee, iced tea, chilled juices, liquors, water; pretty much anything in a liquid form that would be better off ice cold can be chilled in the ProntoBev.

What’s more, it’s BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making the process of cleaning easy as pie.

You can chill juices and liquors, too. Picture: ProntoBev

The buzz around the ProntoBev has been notable after the team’s recent appearance on the US version of Shark Tank, whereby one investor put forward $US100,000.

Now, the device is soon to be distributed to the wine lovers all around the world who simply cannot wait to have their own instant chiller.

The ProntoBev will set you back $US97 with the current 30% off deal and is available for pre-order now.

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