How to use candles to revamp a room

Candles are a prized jewel in many a home decorator’s crown.

For good reason, too: They’re simple, cost effective, look great, smell great and play a perfect role alongside complementary homewares. Think simple wooden trays placed on coffee tables and metallic vases with fresh blooms sitting on kitchen islands.

It’s hard to go wrong with candles but to help you maximise the look, we asked two experts for their advice on how to use candles to really revamp a room. Here are the top tactics recommended by interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones and Kerena Berry, co-founder of online interior design service Designbx.

Group candles of various shapes and sizes together. Picture: Ecoya

In the living room

“Create a centrepiece for your coffee table using candles of various colours, shapes and sizes,” says Kerrie-Ann. “Cluster them together in an interesting mix and layer with beautiful coffee table books, ornaments and flowers.”

Kerena agrees that in the living room like candles grouped together look far better than a lonesome candle on its own. “Create a little vignette with a book stack and a small vase of greenery or flowers to keep your candle company.”

In your bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and a place of calm and relaxation, so updating this space with candles needs to be as much about the scent as anything else.

“I’d stick to no more than two scents in the bedroom and pop them in different areas of the room: One at your bedside and another on a dressing table or chest of drawers,” says Kerrie-Ann.

“I’d also choose scents that you feel complement each other.”

Kerena suggests trying soothing scents like lavender, bergamot and geranium in the bedroom.

In the dining room

Greenery is often a great partner when teamed with many objects in the home, and candles are no different.

“I love to pair my candles with a vase of greenery or unscented florals,” says Kerena. “They just seem to be a perfect couple, particularly on a dining table.”

This combo also works well on a bedside, mantlepiece or coffee table, she says.

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Trends to watch & style tips to try:

  • Interesting materials: “Candles made from recycled glass, concrete, marble or brass are currently on trend,” says Kerrie-Ann.
  • Oversized three-wick candles: “They can bring your whole home to life,” says Kerena.
  • Marble and brass: “These materials can add a touch of glamour to your home. You can also use a glass cloche over your candles when you’re not burning to make them look more interesting,” says Kerrie-Ann.
  • Empty vessels: “Candles can enjoy a reincarnation as tea-light holders. Group them all together on an oversized tray and place one of these trays in the fireplace during summer with tea lights inside to create a mock fire,” says Kerena.

Luka Kaffir Lime & Sandalwood candle

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