How to turn your bedroom into a wanderlust wonderland

Your next holiday may feel like worlds away, but instead of sitting in your bedroom feeling uninspired – why not transform it into a wanderlust wonderland?

With a change of quilt cover, some easy DIY projects and some world-themed decor, you can create an awe-inspiring getaway in your very own home.

Take a look at some of our favourite ideas:

1. Drop globe lighting

This hanging light would look beautiful over a desk. Picture: The Brave Life

If you want an interesting light fitting or perhaps want to recycle an old cardboard globe you have lying around, this DIY project may be the answer.

As featured on lifestyle blog The Brave Life, making your own world light fitting may be easier than you think.

Simply cut along the bottom of the globe to create a shade-like figure, and drill some holes around the continents for the light to shine through.

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You could even drill holes of all the places you’ve been or want to go. Picture: The Brave Life

Create a hole at the top of the globe, big enough to fit your hanging light cord, and screw it in place.

Hang up the light, turn on the light switch, and voilà!

2. Bohemian bed covers

Designer Tracy Porter has a ‘wanderlust range’ that includes bedding. Picture: Dillards

This bohemian range by Tracy Porter adds a wanderlust vibe to your room, without having to literally style it in ‘world-map’ décor.

The range includes bright Moroccan-looking quilts, calming pastels and interesting overlays and textures that reflect aspects of travel such as imagination and lifestyle, Porter says.

They reflect “things collected over a lifetime, living in the moment, appreciating what you have where you have it and being inspired by the many diverse cultures of the world,” she says.

In Australia, the range can be bought online. Picture: Dillards

The covers are designed to give a whimsical, confident and energetic vibe to your space, and can be styled with pieces to reflect your own personal wanderlust.

“There are many literal items, like globes and maps, but more often it’s a piece of sea glass, a necklace, a photo or some foreign currency that reflect your poetic wanderlust.”

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3. Wallpaper

Maps may reflect many of your favourite colours. Picture: Murals Wallpaper

For a unique touch to your room, ditch the coloured paint and add a printed wallpaper as the feature.

World-map prints don’t need to be blue and green – they can tie in with the colours of your bedroom, like on-trend grey and pink.

For a more masculine or old-world feel, try a darker print and match with browns and neutral-coloured bedding.

This will tie in perfectly if you have dark timber furniture or leather accents in your room.

4. Feature paintings

You can buy world maps and international-themed paintings on Etsy. Picture: ZellartCo / Etsy

If you don’t want to commit to wallpaper and want something a little more versatile – paintings depicting your favourite spots on the map can also do the trick.

Choose lighter and brighter tones or more masculine shades to give off old-world vibes.

5. Picture wall

Porter says often the best wanderlust-themed rooms feature a personal touch filled with memories or aspirations.

Photo boards and collages on your walls can be a great way to decorate the room, remind you of your journeys or inspire you to go on some more.

If travel is more an ambition than a memory, try cutting out images of places in the world you’d like to visit for the ultimate inspiration and decoration.

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6. Furniture with a DIY touch

World map DIY projects can be effective in sprucing up your room. Picture: DIY inspired

Sprucing up old bookshelves or drawers to give them a wanderlust feel can be cheap and easy.

All you’ll need is some scissors and world-map wrapping or contact paper.

Featured on the blog DIY Inspired, the steps can be as easy as fitting the paper to size, cutting it out and sticking it on.

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