How to style your laundry

Just because it’s a practical space doesn’t mean it should be forgotten – we do spend a lot of time in the laundry, after all!

Here, we chat to Lana Taylor from Three Birds Renovations to gather her decorating tips and practical advice on how to revamp a laundry.

Pebble flooring and a practical low sitting stool feature in Lana’s new laundry. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

Keep it simple

In Lana’s new-look laundry in her forever home, the Birds took a minimalist approach in their styling.

“We wanted the pebble flooring and pebble splashback to be the stand-out, so we kept things simple in the rest of the space,” says Lana.

A cute yet practical element was the addition of a low sitting stool. “We went with a front loader and I thought the idea of being able to sit down on the stool while loading in the washing was a taste of the olden days.”

Feature greenery

Pops of greenery in any room in the house is a good idea, and the laundry is no different.

“The laundry is all about making things fresh again, so some kind of greenery is a must have. I’d go for some nice succulents or plants – or even a vase of fresh flowers to really liven it up.”

Go bold and beautiful with fresh flowers. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

Go tall with cabinetry

The laundry is one of the most practical places in the home, so if you can, include some tall cabinetry.

“Here you can keep your broom, cleaning materials, ironing board, and all that necessary stuff,” says Lana.

Pendant lighting

The Three Birds certainly love a pendant light, and have styled many a laundry with this beautiful form of lighting.

“A well-placed pendant in a laundry can look fantastic and glam up the space,” says Lana.

Pendant lighting works well to glam up a laundry. Picture: Three Birds Renovations

Consider your guests

Most of the laundries designed and styled by Three Birds Renovations in previous flips have also doubled up as guest powder rooms. If this will be the case in your home – and guests are likely to be using the space – Lana says it’s super important to make it beautiful.

“Tuck the toilet behind the bench space and feature a beautiful big mirror so it becomes more bathroom-like than laundry,” she says. “You don’t need to feature ugly silver floor wastes, either. A seamless drain waste with a tile insert will help make the space more beautiful.”

Lana’s top design tips for laundries

  1. Consider featuring under-floor heating: It can be very practical in winter as you can dry clothing over the floor.
  2. The age-old idea is if it’s tight and you need more bench space, opt for a front-loader.
  3. Ventilation is key, so have access to an open window or have a fan handy.
  4. Have fun in the laundry when styling it – you can go a bit out there, try new things and take a few risks.

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