How to style a shared kids room

When making a house your home and dividing up bedrooms it is not uncommon for children to have to share a space.

This can either end in laughter or tears!

In the case where a room is being shared by a boy and girl I often find clients opt out of styling the room all together. It just seems to hard to meet both children’s needs for them.

This can, unfortunately, lead to the children not having ownership over their space and feeling a little like they received the short end of the straw (in some cases anyway).

To avoid this happening the best thing to do is give it a go; it’s not an impossible task.

Here’s my top tips for styling a shared space for children.

1. Gender neutral colours

Wall decorations in child’s bedroom

Use gender neutral colours in the room, for example green, yellow, white or even red. These can then be accented with gender-specific or taste specific colour for each child.

2. Gender neutral patterns

Use gender neutral pattern in the room such as a check, plaid, stripes or spots. You can then unify the space by keeping the pattern the same but change the colour for example, spotted doona covers, one red, one yellow or one purple and one green.

3. Space savers

Norddal, Bunk Bed. Picture: IKEA

Space can be an issue when two kids share a room, so bunk beds are usually the way to go. But if space allowed, why not use ‘built-in’ beds with curtains to slide across for privacy. The middle of the room can then become a play area with chairs, table, toy box – a shared zone!

4. Consider room dividers

If room and budget allows you could also consider building a small dividing wall between the beds to add privacy. This could even be a partial wall and finish quite short of the ceiling. This would then allow for either side of the wall could be decorated purely for that child.

5. Private space

Give each child a ‘private’ drawer. Allow them to have their own space for treasured belongings that no-one else is allowed in to.

6. Desk space

Designed by Free Space Intent. Picture: Nestr

If space allows, incorporate a double desk or larger than normal desk space. Much bickering will be avoided if both kids can sit and do homework simultaneously.

7. Children’s choice

Let the kids choose their own photos/artwork to display but put them in the same colour frames to keep the look cohesive.

Hopefully, this has armed you with enough tips to start you shared space project!

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