How to pick a beautiful & timeless bathroom tile

Beautiful tiles are a great – and increasingly popular – option to help bring luxury and style into any home’s bathroom interior.

Anyone with a family will know bathrooms can be one of the busiest spaces in the house. A space that gets visited several times a day should inspire, relax and reflect your personal taste.

Different tile arrangements can easily add flair to your bathroom space. Picture: Surface Studio

Think themes through

Before heading to the tile shop, the trick is to have an idea of the kind of theme you’d like to go with and how this is going to reflect the style of the rest of your home – whether it’s through a colour or texture.

Also consider the size of the tile in relation to how much cleaning you’d like to do.

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Dark grout and neutral subway tiles complement Corian’s top-mount basin. Picture: Corian

Daniel Mazzei of Mazzei Homes says “families with small children often request a large floor tile so that surface cleaning is easier”.

Staying in style

A bathroom build or renovation isn’t something you want to keep having to do every couple of years, so the trick to staying stylish in the bathroom is neutral tones, says Mazzei.

“Selecting a neutral tile is important when adding timeless value to a property as it’ll easily complement the evolving style of your home.”

It’s easier and cheaper to update the smaller home decor and accessories than to rethink long-term design decisions such as tiles.

Show some flair

While remaining neutral throughout most of the space, Mazzei suggests adding some personality with tile feature walls.

A beautiful feature tile proves it pays to inject some colour. Picture: Surface Studio

“Mosaic tiles, pattern tiles and creating your own feature by incorporating your own selection of tiles to create patterns as an element of art will add personality to any room.”

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