How to organise the ‘everything’ kitchen drawer

You know that drawer in your kitchen that’s probably off to one side – just out of sight and filled to overflowing with a little bit of just about everything?

Today’s the day we’re going to tackle that mess and get that baby organised! Why?

Here are a couple of reasons why we think you need to tackle this nagging clutter magnet ASAP:

  • It’s frankly a pretty easy and not too time-consuming job.
  • You’ll probably be a little richer as a result (we kid you not)

Is your kitchen drawer jam-packed with clutter? Picture: Getty

Getting started is the toughest part of this task, but once you’re underway the steps to clutter victory aren’t too difficult:

1. Clear off the kitchen table or nearby bench top.

2. Pull the drawer out (if possible) and turn it completely over (yes, dump it all out) onto that clear surface.

3. Get a trash bag on standby and start hunting through the drawer pile for anything that’s obviously broken or goes with something you no longer even own, like that broken two pin plug adapter. Don’t think twice….just get rid of it.

4. Other things you think you need, you might not need either. For example, do you really need all of those instruction manuals that came with your kitchen appliances? Have you ever really used them? And if you did have a question about one of them, wouldn’t you more likely just go online to look it up? Look through the stuff that’s there and find things that you truly won’t ever use.

Again, Say goodbye to what’s unnecessary and unwanted.

Your pets might even be a little curious as to what’s hiding within that ‘everything’ kitchen drawer. Picture: Getty

5. At this point, start separating out like items. For instance, you may have spare batteries (please check those expiry dates), keys, phone accessories, maybe some random stationery items and so on. Make separate piles for each of those categories.

6. Now, at this point, it’s not uncommon that you may have found a long-forgotten brand new ceramic kitchen knife or possibly even some cash (believe me, it happens pretty often). Consider these as a reward for your hard work. And, make a plan to use them SOON!

7. Before you start putting things back in the drawer, decide first if any of those items really belong somewhere else, such as the storeroom, laundry area, toolbox, bedroom, etc.

Oh, and by the way, when was the last time you changed the batteries in your smoke detectors? If you have some extra batteries lying around, use them up today. Your family will thank you.

8. If you have an empty (or near empty) egg tray, cut it up and use it as a quick DIY kind of organising system for your drawer (it’s super environmentally friendly too!) They’re great for storing little bits and pieces and keeping those like items together.

You can also use an old cutlery divider – or, of course, you can purchase some great in-drawer organisers.

9. Give the empty drawer a good rinse and then add your special organising system. Oh and don’t forget to add some mothballs and ant traps (just in case). Now, put things back remembering to keep the like items together of course.

10. Last but not least, step back and admire your hard work. Open your favourite beverage, and consider whether the beauty of your newly organised drawer deserves its own special recognition on Instagram. Ahhh… joy.