How To Design A Well-Balanced Living Room

People looking to purchase a home spend more time looking at the living room in a three-bedroom house, than any other room – 1.5 times longer than the kitchen to be exact.

Living room. Picture: Unsplash

Seeing as a living room is one of the most lived-in spaces in a home, it can be considered the focal point of any house. And, in interior design, balance is all about a focal point.

A focal point is whatever your eyes automatically jump to when you enter a room, and by incorporating unique and decorative design techniques into your living space, you can effectively create a balanced and harmonious space to live in.

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Accentuating the main attraction

Even though your guest’s eyes will naturally be drawn towards the focal point, the idea is to help draw even more visual interest towards it by adding furniture or artwork that accentuates it.

Living room.

If the focal point is the exposed brick walls, add tall, slim wooden shelves on the sides of the wall with bright coloured modern art pieces on them to ensure people take notice.

If your home is one that lacks a focal point, you can make your own by adding vibrant, decorative wallpaper to one wall or by creating a complete photo wall that contrasts a more laid-back vibe on the other sides of the room.

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Adding Balance by Continuing the Theme

If you are going to make a large golden sunbeam mirror your focal point on one of the walls in the living room, then the idea is to pepper in some other accent items that add to the theme without stealing the focal point’s thunder.

In this case, you could place a golden candlestick on the coffee table below the mirror and maybe even include a similar gold-coloured throw to drape over one of the chairs. This helps you create balance and tie in the theme without distracting from the main attraction.

This article is written by Cassandra Earlie.