How to create a cosy nook in your home

With the hustle and bustle of life – both work and family – it’s easy to get swept up in the daily grind and forget to take time out for yourself.

Creating a lovely nook at home can help remove you from the action and bring some added zen into your life.

Whether it’s a secluded spot to sip your morning coffee or a relaxing space to read a magazine on a Sunday afternoon, nooks can offer an easy-to-obtain escape. No plane ticket required.

We asked renowned Australian interior designer David Hicks why he thinks nooks are important:

“I like to create nooks in larger rooms to provide a separate cosy space that can be used for reading, sitting and pondering or resting.”

Bedroom nooks

If the rest of the house is too chaotic, the first port of call should be your bedroom.

A lovely bedroom nook with a built-in banquette will save your sanity when you need some time out. Picture: David Hicks

David says: “Create a cosy nook in your bedroom by integrating a built-in banquette (cushioned bench seat) where you can have cushions and a throw ready and waiting for you to snuggle up and read a book.”

Alternatively, you can find a comfortable armchair or sofa for a quick and easy escape: “This creates a designated space in which you can cocoon yourself”.

Reading nooks

If there’s space in one of your living areas then a comfortable chair in a secluded spot can work wonders.

David suggests investing in a canopy chair as a great way to get some you-time.

A dreamy canopy chair creates a perfect nook. Picture: David Hicks

“Canopy chairs envelope you and give you a comfortable, cosy feeling. They work well next to fireplaces.”

Study nooks

Find yourself working from home regularly? Maybe your idea of zen is space to get some quality laptop time away from the family?

According to David, study nooks can be created in small areas such as window bays or under stairs.

A study nook will save you from having to use the kitchen table. Picture: Techne

“With the integration of a built-in bench or a desk, and book shelving overhead, this can also add to the snug workspace.”

Other nooks

Forgetting work, what about a nook for the other passions in your life?

Yes, we could be talking about wine – but also anything else you collect.

David says bar or wine nooks nestled under stairs or in small cupboards provide another interest point in a room.

“Start with wine storage and add a bench with a sink and bar fridge if space permits.”

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