How to clean and polish glassware

The menu is set, the table decorations are looking gorgeous, but your glassware is looking far too cloudy.

Oh no. But not to fear, as these quick tips will get your glasses sparkling before any guests arrive.

3 steps to clean glassware

The white film making your glassware look cloudy is a result of calcium build up.

Also, washing glassware in general dishwashing liquid and leaving to air dry usually causes unsightly streaks.

Here’s the ultimate guide for cleaning your glasses in three simple steps. Picture: Erinna Giblin

Here is a better cleaning method to wash your glassware by hand.

1. Mix up your own ‘sparkle liquid’

In a large bowl, combine ½ cup dishwashing detergent with ½ cup vinegar and 3 cups warm water. Mix and shake.

2. Submerge

Sit one glass at a time in the solution and let sit for a few minutes completely submerged in the liquid. Repeat for each glass you are cleaning.

If your glassware is in poor condition, you’ll need to keep soaking for longer.

3. Wipe away

Using a microfibre cloth, gently wipe the glass surface while in the solution and rinse with warm water.

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Hand-washing your special glassware will ensure it stays luxe-looking and party-ready. Picture: Williams Sonoma

How to clean glassware in the dishwasher

Using the dishwasher is even easier, but avoid using a gel tab as it leaves a thin film on your glassware. This will clean your glasses, while also giving your dishwasher a quick refresh. Win, win!

  1. Place glasses on the top rack.
  2. Add 1 cup vinegar to a dishwasher-safe bowl on the bottom rack.
  3. Run cycle on high

To wash glasses effectively in the dishwasher, carefully stack them on the top rack and add 1 cup vinegar to a dishwasher-safe bowl placed on the bottom rack. Picture: Getty

How to polish glassware

Polishing glassware is just as important as cleaning if you want that professional, streak-free look when guests arrive.

  • Polish with a special glassware cloth or fresh microfibre cloth.
  • A tip when polishing delicate wine glasses is to hold the bowl in the palm of your hand for support, and gently wipe the glass surface with the other hand.
  • Avoid twisting the stem while polishing the upper edges. Never twist.

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