How to clean all types of leather furniture

Leather furniture is a luxe addition to any home, whether it’s a classic armchair, trendy ottoman or comfy family couch.

Follow these expert-approved tips on how to clean leather furniture.

As leather is a unique material, it requires specific methods of care when cleaning – that goes for all your leather goods at home, from your handbags and shoes to your couch and beloved leather armchair.

The best method for cleaning leather furniture is an approach that is gentle and uses soap, water and a microfibre cloth to get the job done.

Our cleaning expert, Michael Brooke, shares his go-to guide for cleaning leather furniture.

The first step in cleaning leather furniture is to remove any built-up dust. Picture: Caroline McCreddie

Step 1: Wipe down leather furniture using a microfibre cloth

First, take a white microfibre cloth and wipe down the surface area of the leather furniture you are cleaning. This will remove any dust build up.

Step 2: Wipe over using a damp cloth

For any stubborn stains, take a slightly damp cloth and scrub at the stains. Be careful to avoid wetting the leather too much as this can ruin the material.

Wipe over stubborn stains with a slightly damp microfibre cloth. Picture: Caroline McCreddie

Step 3: Use soap

If that doesn’t do it, repeat the above process using an eco-friendly soap, gently working at the stain until it comes out.

Step 4: Wipe over using a dry rag

Quickly wipe any wet areas down using a dry rag.

How to clean a leather couch

Leather couches are certainly an investment purchase, so when it comes to cleaning them you need to be very careful to avoid damaging the leather fabric.

Harsh leather cleaners can do more damage than good to your prized leather couch.

Cleaning leather furniture should become a standard ritual in your cleaning regime to ensure this investment furniture lasts the distance. Picture: Caroline McCreddie

Follow these four quick steps to clean a leather couch:

  1. Wipe down leather furniture using a microfibre cloth
  2. Wipe over using a damp cloth
  3. Use eco-friendly soap
  4. Wipe over using a dry rag

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