How to achieve a Hamptons-style bedroom

Turn dreams into reality by following these tips on how to create a lush Hamptons-inspired boudoir at your place.

Sisters Gina Courtenay and Mary McManus are the founders of Lavender Hill Interiors, and are certainly no strangers to the luxe-looking Hamptons style. Their sought-after brand provides an idyllic balance between elegant French provincial and Hamptons style furniture and soft furnishings.

We caught up with the sisters to seek their top tips on how to achieve a Hamptons-inspired bedroom.

5 steps to a Hamptons bedroom

“Cool, casual, effortless and chic are all words that come to mind when you’re designing the perfect Hamptons-inspired retreat,” says Gina.

Try her five steps to nailing the Hamptons design aesthetic in your boudoir:

1. Furniture

“A must-have focal point in a Hamptons bedroom is a large, upholstered bedhead. An upholstered headboard feels classic and elegant, but also soft,” she says.

Details like tufting add design interest, as do nail heads. If you don’t opt for an upholstered bed, a wood bed can also work well if it’s in a neutral shade and still feels substantial, oversized and comfortable.

“Other furniture you can include in a Hamptons bedroom design includes a bed ottoman placed at the foot of the bed, which is both utilitarian and also adds a sense of luxury and elegance to the room.”

This natural linen bedhead features sleek lines. Picture: Lavender Hill Interiors

2. Bedding

“No bedroom design is complete without the perfect bedding, and in Hamptons design that’s achieved with lots of layering. By just changing your bedding to crisp white and throwing on some fresh blue and white cushions and a throw you can easily create a Hamptons vibe.”

3. Windows

“Hamptons interior design is about bright, natural light, and letting the outdoors pour in, so you could keep your bedroom windows bare, but if you prefer a bit more light blocking for those sunny mornings, opt for soft flowing curtains or plantation shutters in a light colour that feels airy.”

4. Floors

“Soft, natural fibers with woven patterns can look great, particularly in neutral shades or white. Bring natural decor into the design as well, such as jute or seagrass or accessories inspired by nature.”

5. Lighting

“Lighting is an important component of completing a Hamptons-inspired bedroom. Regarding artificial lighting, a layered lighting concept is ideal. Harsh overhead fixtures can make a room feel drab, whereas the soft glow of a beautiful chandelier can be relaxing. Also think about adding sconces or table lamps, which also cast a soft glow and can make a style statement on their own.”

Soft furnishings to use

When it comes to decking your Hamptons-style boudoir out with plush soft furnishings, it’s all about linen and cotton.

“Pure natural materials like linen and cotton are some of the primary materials you’ll find in Hamptons design,” says Mary. “Linen is a fabric that’s naturally breathable and beautiful and also gives a room with an otherwise simple aesthetic a feeling of rich texture.”

Layering with bedding is also key, chimes in Gina. “Cushions, comforters, quilts and throws can create that lived-in, layered look that makes your bed call to you the second you walk in the room.

Soft furnishings, like this linen buttoned armchair, are perfect for setting the Hamptons style in your bedchamber. Lavender Hill Interiors

Hamptons bedroom colour palette

What kind of colour palette should you opt for when designing your chic Hamptons bedchamber?

Mary says: “If you want to create a sense of airy, simple sophistication, choose light, neutral colours. This can include whites, ivories and beiges. These create the perfect backdrop for the rest of your design, and they ensure a space feels breezy and open.”

However, while the primary colour palette for a Hamptons home is based on neutrals, Mary also adds that Hamptons interior design style has become synonymous with shades of blue.

“Quite possibly the favourite shade of blue for many Hamptons designers is duck egg blue,” she explains.

“Duck egg blue is an incredibly soft shade of blue, with a touch of green. It is as elegant as it is cosy, and it’s able to serve as a strong accent colour, adding warmth and distinctive personality, without taking away from the neutral shades of a Hamptons home.”

Keep it neutral with pops of duck egg blue for Hamptons style at its most finest. Picture: Lavender Hill Interiors

Artwork with a Hamptons vibe

In keeping with the soft soothing colour palette and seaside theme, Gina recommends hanging photos, artwork or prints in blue, greens and naturals of coral, florals, abstracts, shells – “anything to reflect the relaxing, soothing Hamptons feel”.

Felicia Aroney‘s artwork (think hydrangeas in sculpted shades of blue) is a perfect fit for a Hamptons style bedroom.

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