How Disney Princesses would decorate their homes

Whether you never grew out of your Disney obsession or are living it all over again with little ones of your own, you simply have to see how your fave Disney Princesses would style interior spaces in 2019.

Picture this… The year is 2019 and a grown-up Snow White no longer lives with seven dwarves in a cabin in the woods with a thatched roof. Instead, the Princess has upgraded to a chic, modern home and has developed some serious taste since singing along to ‘Whistle While You Work’.

How do you think a Snow White would decorate an interior space now? What about Belle and Mulan? Do you think Elsa would be ‘letting it go’ with her flair for all things icy blue? And would Moana’s obsession with the ocean carry through in her bold colour choices?

Thanks to Modsy, a virtual interior design startup, we don’t have to wish upon a star for the answers to these questions. The team have taken the liberty of designing the princesses’ homes according to how they believe they’d look today.

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Elsa, Frozen

The Snow Queen has traded in her ice palace in Norway for this cosy-as winter wonderland abode. In 2019 Elsa’s bedroom appears a place of solitude and comfort.

“We imagined if Elsa had a modern day space, bringing elements of a winter wonderland indoors would be key, specifically through the colour palette and materials,” says Alessandra Wood, style director of Modsy.

Norwegian folk patterns adorn the space in the rug, pillows and sheet set, whilst the fur rug and statement antler chandelier (both faux, of course), nod to the winter snow outside falling outside the bay windows.

Note the ‘Let It Go’ pillow hiding in the corner! Picture: Modsy

Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Belle’s modern-day home is a comfortable and luxurious escape that perfectly encapsulates her love of vintage furniture and embraces her signature colour palette of rich, royal tones.

Ever the sentimental romantic, Belle has brought her and the Beast’s best friends along to live in her home, but you’ll have to look close to spot a few familiar pieces.

“The wardrobe keeps a watchful eye over the room, while Mrs. Potts, Chip and Lumiere are sprinkled throughout the space,” says Alessandra.

“The dramatic but glamorous chandelier is a stunning piece, made to reflect the curves of Belle’s gown. Her Parisian roots are evident in the choices of classic style furniture, balanced by her more rustic countryside upbringing in the relaxed setup of the space.”

An avid bookworm, Belle keeps her bookshelf stocked at all times. Picture: Modsy

Snow White

Sage green and wooden accents in all shades help create something of an enchanted forest feel in Snow White’s modern-day bedroom.

No pops of red here, and certainly no apples, the space is abundant in natural textures like rattan and the subtle addition of animal friends. How many can you spot?

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Picture: Modsy


She’s a Princess by day and a warrior by night, so naturally, Mulan’s modern interior style reflects both personas.

“Self-determined and independent, Mulan’s space is filled with clean, minimalistic lines and a classic colour palette of reds, blues and neutrals,” says Alessandra.

“The rug is the centrepiece that ties the whole room together and represents both sides of her – both traditional and a rebel at heart.”

The aesthetic is minimal with mid-century accents. Picture: Modsy


Modsy created a colourful bedroom where Moana, “the island adventurer and dreamer, could come home to and chill out in – a place where she can easily relax on her own with the perfect view of the ocean,” says Alessandra.

With a tropical colour scheme and natural textures, the room is practically an extension of the stunning landscape just outside her windows.

“The room divider is reminiscent of sails of a rustic boat and the wooden boat decor on the console serves as another nod to her passion for the sea and many journeys she has been on.”

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Moana’s beachside abode is goals. Picture: Modsy

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