How a holiday influences your home’s style

Bring your next vacation home with you with these top five holiday-inspired interior trends.

Are you familiar with that sudden surge of inspiration to redecorate your home according to the latest holiday you took? You’re certainly not alone: It’s a natural feeling to want to keep the holiday vibe bright and alive, and the way you choose to style your pad is just one way to achieve that.

Whether you’ve been searching for the perfect terrazzo splashback ever since your trip to Italy, or installed a slew of window boxes after your return from Paris, it’s a common occurrence among jetsetters to want to inject international style into their abodes.

In fact, 56% of travellers feel compelled to makeover their homes after a stay overseas, according to new research from travel giant,

Bright blues and vibrant florals can give any home a seaside feel. Picture: Getty

The good news: Holiday-inspired trends are easily recreated at home, and serve as a conversation piece among guests, as well as transport you to a time of adventure and relaxation. surveyed almost 19,000 people all over the world to discover the top five most appealing holiday-themed interiors. Here, we reveal them…

1. Mediterranean blues

Mediterranean blues have us daydreaming about lazy afternoons spent by the sea, sailing on a yacht or lolling poolside – we’re not fussed which. It’s a timeless style that screams ‘holiday’ and one that 57% of survey participants would happily recreate at home.

“The look invokes a feeling of relaxation and is mostly characterised by a cool, minimal but colourful palette,” says London-based interior stylist Lucy Gough in a press release for

“Beautiful, patterned tiles have long been a feature of this trend, as have natural fabrics and textures like white linen, solid timber furniture and terracotta flooring.”

Bring Santorini to your home with white furnishings on a balcony space. Picture: Getty

2. Scandinavian simplicity

No surprises here! The world’s fascination with simple, minimalistic and beautiful aesthetics is only continuing to grow.

“Known for its pared-back style, it has flawless craftsmanship at its core. Blonde woods and clean, streamlined shapes with curved corners recur in both architecture and furniture,” says Lucy.

“Minimal accessories and plenty of natural sunlight also punctuate this style, which has been adopted the world over,” she adds.

This modern bathroom is Scandi style at its best. Picture: Reese

3. Country farmhouse

More is more when it comes to this beloved look. Think chunky timbers, weathered woods and rough, natural elements like stone flooring and heavy textured textiles.

“These all help to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Nothing is too delicate to touch in a farmhouse, rather everything is slightly weathered but consciously chosen and placed due to its romantic and nostalgic qualities,” explains Lucy.

Warm, quaint and inviting. This farmhouse sure feels like home. Picture: Getty

4. Japanese zen

The most popular among millennials, the style is regarded for its thoughtful use of space and purposeful parity between form and function.

“The ‘less-is-more’ approach is apparent in Japanese interiors, as well as the obvious neutral colour scheme and warm, natural tones punctuated by straight lines and accented by manicured foliage,” Lucy tells.

Form meets function in this Japanese-inspired home. Picture: Ikea

5. Chic city style

Those grew up watching Friends may be among the 27% of surveyed people lusting after a New York City loft space, which is abundant in floor-to-ceiling windows and exposed brick detailing.

“Open plan spaces with large-scale, solid furniture and signature pieces like chandeliers and works of art that shout ‘look at me!’ can be expected,” says Lucy, adding: “It’s city luxury at its finest.”

Natural light pours into this modern loft-style home. Picture: Derek Swalwell

Other popular trends worth noting from the study include Parisian vintage (think opulent upholsteries and character-filled antiques), cosy ski lodges (easy done with faux fur throws and a toasty fireplace), and Middle Eastern elegance (characterised by a colourful tapestry of colours and textures).

Which city will you be bringing home with you?

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