House on stilts in Lithuanian forest stuns

A house on stilts in rural Lithuania is filled with monochromatic living spaces designed by interior design studio Dizaino Virtuve.

The Lithuanian interior designers say the inside of the home takes its primary influence from the home’s snowy setting.

“It was easy to realise what the space required — the surrounding forests and slopes became a complementary part of the house interior,” says Lucca Galinytė, one of Dizaino Virtuve’s three interior designers.

The home also needed to be functional and durable – it was being designed for a couple with two young children.

The result is minimal interiors that draw focus to the snowy forest surroundings.

“The main task was to create a customised, pleasant and functional interior where simplicity prevails with a strong sense of harmony between all the objects and elements within,” Galinytė says.

A vision of white, black and grey. Picture: Kernius Pauliukonis

On the first floor a small open-plan kitchen and living area — separated by a black staircase with a black glass balustrade — is framed by floor-to-ceiling gable windows at either end.

White-painted timber cladding adorns the walls which contrast with the oiled oak floorboards.

The contrast is carried right through the home with touches of black inserted against a mostly white and grey backdrop.

There’s the black bookshelf ladder, the black metal and glass wardrobe and the concrete wall above the bed head in the main bedroom that has been clad with black timber slats.

Concrete has also been used to surface storage units underneath the TV and next to the combustion fireplace.

Mesh lampshades with exposed bulbs hang from the ceiling above the sofas adding warmth to the space.

A striking addition. Picture: Kernius Pauliukonis

Dizaino Virtuve chose the bright white tones and dark accents for their “playful” element.

The minimalist ethos was essential for the family of four to feel unconstrained in the home.

“For the family that raises two children, it was essential to save the space leaving freedom for movement. Moreover, it was necessary to design and outsource practical and high-quality items. Finally, the bright tones with some dark accents allowed us to create a playful and tranquil interior.”

Floor-to-ceiling gabled windows bring the snowy setting a little closer. Picture: Kernius Pauliukonis

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