Hot pink tiny home is not just a pretty face

For anyone looking to take a different road to home ownership, this hot pink tiny home could be a rose-coloured way of achieving that goal.

We’ve seen tiny homes in all shapes and sizes, but this beauty certainly takes the cake for the loudest colour scheme.

It’s not just the appearance of the tiny house that has us impressed, either.

A tiny house with a big personality.

With 6sqm of space, the Magenta Tiny Home sounds like it’s on the small side but its ingenious design means not a millimetre is wasted – allowing its owner to live large within its tiny pink walls.

It’s not just a one-off either; other tiny house lovers can get in on the action and in fact, build a version of the same tiny house themselves.

All you need do is download the floorplan, follow the steps and create your own mini-home masterpiece – which may or may not be a shade of magenta; it’s your choice.

Designer Joshua Woodsman’s aim in creating these tiny homes is to provide anyone experiencing mortgage stress with a more affordable option and a way to simplify their lives.

“It is a manifesto of temporary independent housing, against debt and mortgages,” he explains.

Hit the road with all your creature comforts in this well-designed space.

“Magenta Tiny House is a prototype and a part of our ongoing research into the feasibility of mass-produced prefabricated tiny houses.”

Constructed on a flat trailer the fully insulated home has a fold-out sofa bed, chemical toilet, kitchenette, clever built-in storage and furniture as well as storage nets which not only look great but let you keep your larger items out of the way.

Smart storage and built-in furniture make the space feel much bigger than its tiny size.

There’s also a retractable table outside that’ll let you enjoy an al-fresco meal wherever you might find yourself.

We think this hot pink home offers great inspiration for anyone interested in building their own tiny home, especially given its very compact $15,000 price tag.

Home sweet home on the road in this rose-coloured construction.

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