Home decor trends 2018

With 2018 well and truly underway, we’re taking a moment to appreciate the home decor trends that have fought their way into our hearts and houses.

Knot cushions come and go, but these home decor trends are here to stay.

Just ask Jessi Deakin and Sarah Yarrow, interior stylists at Black Arrow Co, and interior stylist, Jono Fleming.

Themed Colour Palettes

Millennial pink has been on its last legs for a while now, but this doesn’t mean we should toss our pink picks. Instead, our experts advise us to shift focus and create depth with deeper hues.

“Pink still has its place but in less of a Millennial Pink way. It will take on a deeper and more sophisticated character when paired back with more earthy neutrals and berry hues,” says Jessi and Sarah.

Take your decor cues from the Australian landscape. Design: BayleyWard. Photographer: Eve Wilson

“We are seeing a much warmer palette starting to develop after a few years of lighter, pastel hues,” adds Jono.

“Earth clay reds, olive greens and dirty mustard yellows are starting to take centre stage. They’re perfect to add a bit of depth and warmth into your home especially as we head towards the cooler months.”

On the hunt for some new house decorating ideas? Look to the Australian landscape for hue inspiration.

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Opt for bright, warm hues that bring a happy feeling to your space. Picture: Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Mike Baker

Add a touch of personality with texture

The polished look has begun to take the backseat as home makers embrace a more personalised approach in the home.

Not everything needs to look new anymore, and texture is perhaps the easiest place to start when it comes to injecting your personality into a space.

“Long-tassel cushions, textured throws and a more handmade aesthetic is really becoming prominent,” says Jono, adding: “Just remember, try a pop of colour with it!”

Jessi and Sarah agree wholeheartedly. “Tassels and fringing are still around but are being presented in natural colours and textures such as jute, cotton and raffia.”

They continue: “Linen is still going strong but we’re noticing that printed linens are beginning to take over from their plain predecessors while denim cushions are adding yet another texture to the mix.”

Artistic forms take centre stage

For the first time in a long while, the seemingly never-ending reign of terrazzo has made way for more artistic forms.

“There’s been a surge of patterns inspired by line art emerging. Think Matisse and Picasso; simple line drawn faces and figures,” says Jono. “It’s showing up in artworks but also making its way to textiles too.”

Jessi and Sarah are looking to nature for inspiration in the pattern space. “Abstract animal prints and less literal palm leaf prints have been around for some time now.”

Pattern clashing is here to stay. Picture: Rochelle Eagle. Styling: Beckie Littler

Handmade ceramics with a purpose

“Artisan made ceramics are here to stay,” Jono explains. “More and more local makers are trying their hand at the pottery wheel and the results are varied and amazing. While larger retailers are mass producing ‘organic look’ homewares, nothing beats the real thing.

“If you’re finding yourself buying a beautiful, handmade piece, the most important tip is to use it – they’re no good sitting on the shelf! A lot of makers will give advice and instructions on how durable their pieces are; show off these stunners and make use of them around the house.”

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Ceramics shouldn’t just be for show. Give them a purpose! Picture: Cotton On

Jessi and Sarah, meanwhile, are taking their homewares away from horizontal spaces, and up onto mixed media wall decor.

“Think wall hooks, animal skulls, cuttlebone shell necklaces, rattan shelves, weavings and vintage mirrors – anything 3D and textured that isn’t a print or canvas that can either live on its own or in a cluster with other elements, even if it is as a side kick to traditional framed artwork.”

Elevate your decor to that boring, empty wall space. Picture: Black Arrow Co.

Furniture steps back in time

“Rattan is a big one at the moment,” says Jessi and Sarah. “Dining chairs, day beds, bed heads, coffee tables, mirrors and lighting – they are all sporting the laidback and understated vibes happening in interiors at the moment.”

Instead of thinking about the future in furniture, Jono advises that we should actually be looking to the past – more specifically, the ’80s.

“One of my favourite trends is the throwback to the eighties,” he says. “Tubular frames, curved sofas, over-padded cushions; these are all starting to make an appearance across many furniture retailers.

“What makes it different from the first time around is the use of colours, refinement and the materials. It might take a bit to wrap your head around, but trust me, this one is going to be really fun!”

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