Home & Away

This HDB apartment received a complete overhaul from design firm Ciseern, in accordance to the homeowners’ requirements. The newlyweds lived in Australia for eight years, and their first home in Singapore was to be just as stylish. Ciseern’s designers used only three colours – black, white and a light timber shade – and supplemented them with a generous dose of personality.
Project Type
5-bedroom Executive Apartment
Floor Area
1,500 sqft
Text: Redzman Rahmat
Black Beauty
An 8.4-metre dark feature wall stretches across the living hall. Thanks to the spacious layout of the room, the designers were confident that the matt black laminates would bring a sleekness to the room without making it look closed in. The seamless wall also conceals the entrances to the bedrooms.
Table Service
Glamour is key in the dining room. The designers achieved this with wood grain vinyl floors, a sleek wooden dining table and strong baroque patterns on the upholstered dining chairs and settee. Since entertaining is such a big part of the homeowners’ lifestyle, the designer made sure that there is plenty of space to pull up more chairs around the table.
Perfect Host
Hosting dinner parties and informal gatherings is now possible after the designer opened up the kitchen and installed an island counter. The island and the flanking cabinets are made from black and brown wood, and then topped with a granite counter for a polished feel.
Big Screen Beauty
The spare bedroom is now an entertainment zone, complete with an 81-inch projector, blackout window blinds and wall-to-wall carpeting. The ceiling and walls were painted in dark colours to heighten the home theatre experience. The addition of a sofa bed and a cantilevered study table make this a multi-purpose room without adding bulk to the space.
Simple Luxuries 
The master bedroom features a pared down aesthetic. It’s the attached bathroom however, that catches the eye. Here, half-height glass walls open up the space and allow the bronze-tinted tiles to subtly glisten in the light. By moving the wash basin out of the bathroom, the designer managed to free up more space. Storage has been conveniently designed into the walls for an integrated look.
“The small details are what make this home truly unique. Elements such as the textures, colours and materials elevate the space in a subtle manner.”