Helpful tips & tricks to an organised bedside table

Getting a bedroom organised can be a daunting task. So start small.

Without a doubt, the easiest job to tackle in the bedroom is the bedside table.

It’s all about small victories. Getting your bedside table organised is a very doable project that will make you feel like you’re well on your way to getting the whole room done.

On top of that, once it’s organised, your bedside table can actually help you sleep more peacefully.

The achievable dream: A clean and organised bedside table. Picture: Getty

A solo project

Usually, it’s great to have someone help you do some home organising. This ISN’T one of those projects.

Bedside table contents can be pretty personal (right?!) so do this job on your own.

Getting started


First, lay an old beach towel on top of your bed so you can dump everything from the bedside table drawers onto that.

Next, grab the rubbish bin and drag it over. Toss anything that’s obviously got to go: Out-of-date medications, chewing gum wrappers, old makeup, any “how did that get in there” items and anything else that you no longer want or use. Whatever is left sort into like piles.

Next, give that bedside table a decent clean to get rid of the dust and dirt. Consider lining the drawers with some paper before you start putting things back.

Drawer organisers are always a good friend to have. They come in quite handy with a bedside table too by keeping things together and setting a limit for what should live there.

Before you plan on putting everything back that you’re left with, take a look at it and decide if it really needs to live in the bedside table or somewhere else in your home.

What should be on the bedside table?

A lamp, a clock, and the current book you’re reading – not too much more.

Picture: ezbuy

What should be in the bedside table?

Top drawer:

Reading glasses, television remotes, pen and pad, facial tissue, an eye mask (if you use one), and personal items are all musts.

Consider a small bin for a set of travel-size headache tablets, moisturisers and decongestant tablets – these are all really helpful if you find you often get up in the middle of the night and have to find your way to the medicine cabinet.

Bottom drawer or shelf:

Bottle of water and a small flashlight for emergencies. If you have open shelving on the bottom, consider putting these items in a decorative bin to keep them together.

Bedroom. Picture: pixabay

What shouldn’t be in the bedside table?

For me: Pretty much anything else. You may have sleep routines that require other things nearby.

Finally, there have been lots of studies showing the glow from your cell phone and tablet are having a negative impact on your sleep.

If possible, consider drilling a hole through the back drawer of your bedside table for the electrical charging cord.

That way when you’re finished reading your Ebook, you can plug it in and throw it in the drawer so the lights and buzzes don’t wake you up.

If you can’t drill a hole, then find a neat way to hide that electrical cord (and your devices) from view.

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