GOT-inspired homewares every fan needs

At this stage, the future of Westeros is still uncertain, and the question of who will sit on the Iron Throne is up in the air with Dani and the fire-breathing dragon.

No matter which hero you’re gunning for to assume the throne – be it the last-remaining Lannister or a member of the Stark family – you can show your support for your pick by decking out your home with these GOT-inspired homewares.

Here, stylist Jenna Cosgrove reveals the interior characteristics of our favourite character houses and reveals a handful of products you can decorate with to show your allegiance.

Watch Jenna transform this living room in Stark and Lannister style in the video above. Picture: Erinna Giblin

House Stark

“The Stark-inspired home is very much inspired by the weather in the north,” says Jenna. She says warming pieces like faux furs are key, and help reiterate a sense of cosiness and refuge from the blistering cold outside.

“The typical colour palette includes white and greys, both dark and light, as well as navy and royal blues.”

The pieces you simply can’t go without including a faux fur throw, a chunky candle, and a big piece of cool-toned wall art.

House Lannister

“The Lannisters are all about wealth and luxury. Their decor style is quite ostentatious; they like to telegraph their wealth,” says Jenna.

To create a Lannister-inspired space, Jenna advises you look to a palette of rich maroons and royal purples, and pair the hues with lots of gold.

Luxurious, patterned upholstery doesn’t go astray, and no Lannister room is complete without a goblet of wine in the corner.

House Targaryen

One could argue that the historic Targaryen aesthetic differs from the modern-day exotic theme. Throughout her journey, Daenerys has made friends in different places and collected her eccentric army.

“The modern-day Targaryen aesthetic is worldly eclectic,” says Jenna. “Dany embraces a silver colour palette with pops of icy grey and light blue, and a home inspired by her would appear much the same.”

Seek out a dragon figurine or egg ornament for that little shelf in the corner.

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House Tyrell

“The Tyrells love their gardens, and like the Lannisters, they like to display their wealth,” says Jenna.

Characteristics of a Tyrell-inspired space include brocard-patterned upholstery or wallpaper, botanical wall art and decor, draping greenery, and accents of gold.

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