Get the indoor-outdoor look

Have you been hankering to embrace the interiors trend that brings the outdoors in but just haven’t made the jump? Try these insider tips to get started.

We revealed The top design trends you need to know about in 2017 with key talking points like jewel tones and resort style.

Today, we’ll are giving you practical, easy, stress-free advice on how you can embrace the look.

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Aussie vibes

“Living in Australia, it’s part of our DNA to embrace the indoor-outdoor lifestyle – especially in summer,” says interior stylist Kerrie-Ann Jones.

“I think it’s only innate to lean towards natural materials such as raw timber, natural stones and greenery for both inside and outside living areas.”

Aussies are embracing the indoor-outdoor trend. Styling: Kerrie-Ann Jones. Picture: Maree Homer.

Indoor plants

You guessed it: Indoor plants are here to stay. But what are some savvy ways to introduce them into your home without it looking like a mini version of the Amazon?

“Use oversized, hand-painted pots (like the ones from Design Twins or Pop & Scott) with a tall or large plant such as a fiddle-fig, rubber plant or cacti,” suggests Jones. “Terrariums look great on a coffee table or on a shelf and are easy to maintain.

Hanging planters work well in the kitchen. Styling: Kerrie-Ann Jones. Picture: Maree Homer.

“Hanging planters from the ceiling is another fun way to incorporate plants into the home. They always look great in a bathroom or kitchen, too.”

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Wall art for nature lovers

Bringing the outside in is easy – and fun! – when it comes to artwork. Think stunning natural landscapes, ocean-inspired photography and wildlife scenes that will bring David Attenborough’s voice alive in your home.

“Photography prints from the likes of Aquabumps, Kara Rosenlund or Chris Warnes represent nature in their unique forms and allow us to embrace it into our home,” says Jones.

4 rooms, 4 ways

When featuring the indoor-outdoor styling look in different rooms in your house, consider these design ideas from Jones:

The bathroom is a fun place to get creative with the indoor-outdoor trend. Styling: Kerrie-Ann Jones. Picture: Maree Homer.

  • Bathroom: Use natural material products, such as a timber stump stool, next to the bath (think a Mark Tuckey stool). It adds an earthy warmth to the space.
  • Kitchen: A mini green wall to grow herbs is a fun away to incorporate greenery and it’s practical, too.
  • Living area: A statement plant in a corner can become the hero of the room – it creates a focal point and adds a calming quality.
  • Bedroom: Open up the windows or use a sheer linen curtain to still allow the light in, but still give privacy.

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