Geometric Play

Working with a petite 700 sqft, Linear Space Concepts demonstrates that a few strategic moves are all it takes to make a small space work. For the couple living in this flat, they not only got a practical home, but a striking one as well.
Project Type
3-room HDB
Floor Area
700 sqft
Text: Redzman Rahmat
Love Triangles
Designer Marc Wong applied a single, sweeping gesture across the front half of the main living space. Using timber laminates, he created a geometric pattern that makes a daring statement in the home. In a game of hide and seek, storage space and even the doors to two rooms are camouflaged within the patterned feature wall.
Down the Line
Doing away with the standard kitchen format where counters are pushed up against walls, Marc centred the kitchen as a single island counter. This gives the owners greater flexibility in using the space and allows as many cooks in the kitchen as they want.
Take a Shine
Apart from timber textures in the home, Marc also added other more subtle highlights to the home. Concealed storage beside the geometric feature wall takes the form of glossy, white laminated cabinets. Going into details, a zigzagging line of LED lights on the white epoxy floor introduces yet another graphical element.
Perfectly Composed
Control was the name of the game in the design of this home. The dining area, for example, relies on the heavy grains of the dining table and a simple but strong red pendant lamp to make an impression.
The rest of the space has been kept spare and neutral.
Extended Play
The kitchen extends into the customised dining table, essentially increasing the amount of working space. Set like a hub of cooking and interaction amid a sea of white, the kitchen and dining area stand out as the true stars of the home.
Function First
Unlike the rest of the home, the master bedroom takes the safer route, and understandably so – loud, statement-making design elements hardly make for a restful bedroom. Instead, the bedroom puts practicalities first with a larger-than-usual full-height wardrobe. For the owners, a neat bedroom is the best kind to have.
“When space is limited, keeping things organised and tidy is a priority, hence the generous wardrobe in the bedroom.”