Functional Beauty

Getting a home to pander to practical living requirements while looking good is not an easy task. Paul Teo of Earth Living, for one, understands this full well, and is familiar with the implications of balancing form and function in his designs. “As an interior designer, I want to create homes that are livable but look good at the same time,” he reiterates. Here, he negotiates his client’s requests for more storage space, ease of maintenance and a neat spatial layout with flair.
Project Type
4-room HDB
Floor Area
1,000 sqft
Text: Redzman Rahmat
One of a Kind
The living room feature wall is made from wood and craftstone tiles, layered together to create a textured look. “It’s something unique and different,” says Paul about the design. “We wanted to build something that you wouldn’t normally see in a Singaporean home. It’s not a particularly difficult feature to create, but it definitely stands out and grabs your attention when you’re in the living room.”
Out Of The Blue
The kitchen benefits from an open concept that brings light into the home. A blue and white colour palette keeps things fresh and helps the open concept get more mileage. “It makes the space feel clean and spacious,” says Paul. “I didn’t want an all-white kitchen, or a dark kitchen, so it made sense to pair two light colours.”
Essence of Fun
The kid’s bedroom is a practical space for a growing child. The bed rests on a raised platform with pull-out drawers that provide ample storage. A cantilevered study desk is tucked away next to the bed, and shelves and cabinetry are built along the wall to maximise floor space. Paul shares, “We wanted to provide space for the child to store things like books and files, but also display knick-knacks and show a bit of his personality.”
Work and Play
A spare room serves as a multifunctional space that the entire family can use. Paul and his team made sure that it can easily transform to meet the needs of its occupants. A built-in study table provides space for them to sit down and work, while storage cabinets allow them to hide away unsightly mess. At the same time, the room is large enough should the family need to pull out a spare mattress for guests who are staying the night.
Shower Space
As in most HDB homes, the bathrooms proved to be a spatial challenge. Paul overcame the problem by merging the common bathroom with the master bathroom, both of which sit right next to each other. A light material palette keeps things easy on the senses while the extra space available makes the utilitarian space a most pleasant one to be in.