Fresh Update

Space has always been a pressing issue for the family of five living in this 3-bedroom apartment. When the clutter started piling up, the owners finally decided to renovate and rejuvenate their home. Design firm Habitat One stepped up to the plate and worked hand in hand with the family to create a more spacious interior for the entire family.
Project Type
3-bedroom Condominium
Floor Area
1,200 sqft
Text By: Redzman Rahmat
Behind Closed Doors
One of the most pressing needs for this home was storage spaces that can hide away clutter. Designer Jana Wang came up with the idea to build cabinets into the television feature wall. “The white laminates on the wall are actually doors,” he reveals. “When you open it up, the entire height of the feature wall holds storage shelves.” As a vertical accent, Jana and his team incorporated strips of bronze mirrors to the design of the feature wall.
Clear The Table 
Previously, the three children would sit around the dining table to do their homework. The kids would mess up the dining room, and the family wouldn’t be able to have their meals there. With the renovations, Jana made sure that each kid has his or her own study table in the bedrooms, and that the dining room would be kept clear. He also created a feature wall using a double-framed mirror mounted against a plywood board.
Bathroom Redress
“The original master bathroom was very crammed,” says Jana. “There was a large bathtub that took up a lot of space, but the owners never used it. We decided to remove the tub and convert the space into a shower stall. This helped to free up some space to the bathroom as a whole.” Jana also replaced all the fixtures and gave the bathroom a new face of warm grey tiles.
bigger and better
Even the wardrobe in the master bedroom has been given a makeover. Jana stripped away the old wardrobe and created a larger and roomier one. Sliding doors lead into the 10ft high wardrobe.
Study Corner
A few slight improvements were made in the master bedroom. “We approached it in a very practical manner,” says Jana. His team created a feature wall opposite the bed that extends to a corner of the room that acts as a study table. Topped with a piece of glass, this desk is the ideal spot for the husband to retreat to if he needs to get work done at home.
Design by Habitat One