Four Leaves Villa in Japan is a hidden haven

Designed to resemble fallen leaves with its unique roof, the Four Leaves Weekend Villa is a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the nearby concrete jungle that is Tokyo.

Nestled within a dense forest in Karuizawa, in the Nagano prefecture of Japan some 150 kilometres from Tokyo, lies this one-of-a-kind, architecturally designed holiday home.

The work of Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio (KIAS), the private home is inspired by and designed after the natural world.

A welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of nearby Tokyo. Picture: Norihito Yamauchi

An aerial view of the home’s structure, and in particular the overlapped, sloped collection of roofs, reveal its resemblance to a pile of gently twisted leaves.

The 225sqm home is made up of three interconnected volumes, each of which embodies different living areas and is defined by its orientation and outlook on the plot of land.

The roofs appear as a pile of fallen leaves. Picture: Norihito Yamauchi

“In order to maximise specific natural scenery and create a light environment, each living function faces its own desired orientation,” architect Kentaro Ishida tells us.

The living and dining spaces face south-east for a brighter living environment while the master bedroom and bathroom face west, offering a more private view onto the forest.

Everything about the villa, from the curved roofs to the use of materials inside, was chosen to reflect the land and enhance the villa’s connection to the outdoors.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outside in. Picture: Norihito Yamauchi

Kentaro Ishida says the “appearance of the villa blends in harmoniously with the natural surroundings and is perfectly integrated into the local landscape”.

Timber in rich tones dominates the interiors and warms the modern spaces, while neutral furnishings ensure the surrounding views are centre stage at all times.

The outdoor bath is practically within the forest. Picture: Norihito Yamauchi

The home is completed with an outdoor Japanese-style bath and a leafy central courtyard.

We can picture it now… heading here after a busy week in Tokyo for a soak in the outdoor tub and a weekend away with nothing but the lush green surrounds.

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