Five-star glamping cabins with epic views of Mt Fuji

Japan’s first luxury glamping retreat is everything there is to love about camping, only paired with the comforts and luxuries of a five-star hotel. And don’t even get us started on that view…

Cantilevered concrete cabins emerge majestically from a sea of red pine trees in the Fujikawaguchiko region to offer resort guests a view of Japan’s most notable landmark, Mt Fuji.

At 3,776m high, the active volcano is Japan’s tallest mountain. Though on a clear day, every detail of its magnificence can be taken in from a private outdoor lounging deck through the pair of binoculars thoughtfully left for guests.

Your morning coffee never looked so good. Picture:

The binoculars are just one of the many camping-inspired touchpoints that remind those who visit the five-star resort of Hoshinoya Fuji of its unique position, immersed in nature.

In-room additions like backpacks, gumboots, enamel camping mugs, Marimekko rain jackets and headlamps are just the beginning.

It’s the all-hours bonfire, forest yurts, outdoor kitchens and hidden pathways designed for bird-watching and star-gazing that really establish the encompassing glamping theme.

Hoshinoya Fuji is privately accessed via a winding drive through the forest. Picture:

But rest assured, there’s no such thing as ‘roughing it’ here. The cabins are a far cry from canvas tents; they are architecturally designed concrete dwellings.

Inside, the interiors showcase a neutral colour palette of white and grey, paired with blonde timbers, so as to never take away from the breathtaking views of Fujisan and Lake Kawaguchi beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Clever storage solutions mean the rooms stay clutter-free and tranquil. Picture: Picture:

Each of the 40 cabins in the resort boasts their own private outdoor balconies that take up one-third of the entire living space and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor.

Lulled into relaxation by the sounds of long grass rustling in the wind, and the tranquil orchestra of native birds chirping (or the portable Bang and Olufsen speaker), you’ll be treated to a view of Mt Fuji, the neighbouring towns and the glassy lake from the comfort of a double day bed.

As day turns into night, a built-in alfresco fireplace will keep you warm and, should you wish to get your Masterchef on, can be transformed into a cooking station for a campfire dinner among the stars.

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The cabins are designed by Japan firm Azuma Architect and Associates. Picture:

It’s hard to imagine getting cabin fever here, but when a sense of adventure takes over you can be sure there’s plenty happening to keep even the most avid wanderers busy.

Up on the Cloud Terrace – a communal area for guests to unwind – there are all sorts of activities taking place at any time.

Meat-smoking demonstrations, coffee brewing, wood chopping and Dutch-oven dinner workshops can be arranged, but toasting marshmallows by the fire and wandering the slender trails here feels just as satisfying, and is always complemented by free coffee and treats from the library cafe.

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The Cloud Terrace gives guests enough room to spread out and get back to nature. Picture:

Taking your adventure off-campus is also encouraged, and the resort runs activities like sunrise canoeing, mountain trekking tours, and a nature walk through the infamous Aokigahara Forest.

There are also free bikes available for those who wish to explore the lakeside towns.

Hoshinoya Fuji is located just a short train ride away from Tokyo. Picture:

A stay at Hoshinoya Fuji will set you back significantly more than if you were to pitch a tent, but if you’re looking for a ‘glamping’ experience that showcases the best of Japanese culture, serenity in nature, and a sense of luxury with a view that’s truly like no other, then a weekend here is not only recommended but necessary for your travel bucket list.

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