Fitness trends and places in Singapore you had no clue existed


Fitness is high on the annual goals for many of us. However, not many of us actually work towards being and staying fit throughout the year!

If you are one of those who enrolled for the gym membership some months back with unmatchable excitement but got over it before you realised, we don’t blame you. After all, who wants to be a part of a traditional and boring workout routine every single day?

To address this issue, the world is walking, rather running with open arms, towards unique (and borderline weird) workouts. And so is Singapore.

So, why should you stay back?

Here are some of the fitness trends you had no clue existed right in your neighbourhood. Read on.

1. Beer Yoga

Picture: Trium Fitness via Facebook

If working out somewhere new stresses you out, here is the perfect workout option for you. Beer yoga can not only prove to be a really interesting fitness routine but also a calming one.

This fun workout involves practising low-intensity yoga poses while holding (and yes, sipping on) a chilled bottle of beer. Sounds so cool and challenging!

Wondering how will the beer bit help? You will learn how to balance the bottle while practising various yoga asanas and thus improve your balancing skills and flexibility. Started originally in Germany (no surprises there!), this unique fitness trend has hit various parts of the world. Not so much into beer? You could grab a bottle of water instead.

Where: Trium Fitness, 12 Kallang Ave, Aperia Mall #03-01/02, 339511, Singapore

Price: S$35/session

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2. Bungee workout

The word ‘bungee’ brings with it a lot of exhilaration, enjoyment and sometimes even fear.

Move away regular floor workouts – Bungee workout is here. During the session, you will be attached to bungee cords from harnesses suspended from the ceiling. This gravity-defying workout might sound and even look easy but it isn’t really all about jumping around while tied to a rope. It is a low-impact, high-intensity workout that blends dance and aerobics perfectly.

Once you register for it, be ready to get a chance to improve your flexibility, core strength and muscle toning. And did we forget to mention you can burn up to 1,000 calories during a single session!

Where: Dance Vault, 176 East Coast Road, 428882, Singapore

Price: S$28/session

3. Dog Yoga or Doga

If your top two loves in the world are fitness and dogs, this workout style is pawwwwfect!

Take your casual jumping around with your pet at home to another level by signing up for Doga. This yoga type combines body stretching, balancing, meditation and dog training.

It promises to treat you with complete relaxation and gives you the ideal opportunity to bond with your pet.

Picture: Pawfully Fit via Facebook

Doga claims to reduce stress, induce rejuvenation and provide ample of fun memories for you and your dog.

After you are done imagining all the love you and your baby can share while doing this, think about all the other adorable dogs you will get a chance to be around. We are sure you are going all, “Aaawww” by now.

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Where: Pawfully Fit, 31 Ocean Way #01-23. Quayside Isle, 098375, Singapore

Price: S$30

4. Surfing-inspired fitness

Picture: SURFSET Singapore

Craving to hit the beach for some adrenaline-pumping surfing?

This unique workout method will let you have all the feel of surfing while getting fit! Demonstrate your best-surfing moves while balancing yourself on the top of a custom-made unstable surfboard.

This fitness routine focuses on improving your core strength, aerobic fat burning and lean muscle building. So, at the end of a few sessions, you might feel your body stronger, more flexible than before and muscular. All the thrill and fun that this workout brings with it are only add-ons.

Where: SURFSET Singapore, 454B Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427667, 3rd Storey

Price: S$35

5. Floating yoga and workout

Are you a water baby who would trade anything to be around a pool or better an ocean while working out?

This water-based exercise routine is perfect for you. Just jump into a pool and hop on to a floating exercise mat. You could try the floating yoga or HIIT workout – depending on what end results you desire.

Picture: Skyline Aqua – Floatfit via Facebook

The floating yoga session combines breathing and the body’s movement on the water to strengthen the body as well as the mind while the HIIT session includes performing burpees, lunges, squats, v-sits and similar activities while floating on water resulting in the ideal full-body workout.

Sounds like so much fun, doesn’t it?

Where: Skyline Aqua, PARKROYAL Hotel, 7500 Beach Rd, 199591, Singapore

Price: S$40

Many of these fitness studios offer complimentary demo classes. So, don’t forget to ask for them.