First Impressions

In this home, design firm Ciseern took the ideas and details found in most condominium apartments and applied it to the design of this 5-room HDB flat.

Darker colours, glossy surfaces and a considered apportionment of space paved the way for a sophisticated home that works well for its owners. Further perpetuating the idea is Ciseern’s expertise in space planning and the careful use of lighting throughout the home.

Project Type: 5-room HDB
Floor Area: 1,216 sqft

Second Look

Living room. Designed by Ciseern

When designing this living room, the team from Ciseern wanted to contest preconceptions of how an HDB flat should look like. Gone are the plain walls and clear-cut designs. In their place are glossy black glass, strips of LED lights and a crystal chandelier, all of which come together to result in a home that could very well belong in a high-end condominium.

To accentuate the look, the designers also used a lot of stainless steel as trimming and accents around the room.

Serves Up

In keeping with the luxe look of this home, Ciseern carved out a private bar where the dining room used to be. The designers customised a bar counter, a liquor cabinet and shelves for the glasses, tucked away next to the entrance to the kitchen.

Bar. Designed by Ciseern

This relaxed corner is not something you would often find in an HDB home, but the designers fully utilised the floor space of the flat to give the homeowners a space that they can be proud of.

Packed In

The kitchen may be small but Ciseern made the most out of the space they had. Clean white cabinets stretch down the galley configuration, housing two rows of storage cupboards that extend from the floor to the sliver of space just beneath the ceiling.

Kitchen. Designed by Ciseern

The all-white look helps to visually expand the space, especially when paired with the strips of light that run across the cabinets on the ceiling and the floor.

Shimmering Mirror

One of the tricks to make a space appear larger is to strategically use mirrored surfaces in a room. This however, might not work so well in a bathroom. For this home, the designers clad the walls with mirrored mosaic tiles, creating a shimmering curtain of diffused reflections in this bathroom.

Bedroom. Designed by Ciseern

To keep the space looking neat and sleek, the design team boxed the pipes and waterworks behind false ceilings.

Half and Half

Bedrooms in HDB apartments are notoriously small, but Ciseern overcame the problem with smart solutions. A partial wall cuts the room into two, each space with its own clear function. The bed rests on one side of the room and sits on a slightly raised platform. The other half of the room is where the vanity table, dresser and wardrobe reside. By separating these two zones, the designers created cosy little corners defined by function.

Designed by: Ciseern By Designer Furnishings Pte Ltd