Family Comes First

Milan Interior Design turned a plain HDB flat into a home that’s reminiscent of a serviced apartment. The neutral colour scheme sets the foundation for the design, with a detailed focus on quality finishes and plenty of hidden storage space. More importantly, Milan Interior Design created a home that specifically caters to the homeowners ’ needs and wants.

Text: Redzman Rahmat

Kitchen Capers
The kitchen places function over form. The linear design of the cabinetry gives the wife ample space to flit about the kitchen without leaving a mess. Also of note is the contrasting colours of the top and lower cabinets; it’s easy on the eyes and makes daily maintenance a breeze.

Key To Comfort
The family enjoys spending their evenings together. As such, the designers wanted to create a living room where the family can spend quality time with one another. Colours are kept quiet and neutral to act as an unobtrusive backdrop. At the same time, luxe touches are apparent in the choice of ceiling lights, plush furniture and quality furnishing.

Hotel Class
The family travels regularly, and the parents are used to sleeping in luxurious hotel rooms. To evoke a similar feel in the master bedroom, the designers included the staples of a five-star suite: a high king-size bed, plush drapery and a clean and unhindered layout. Storage comes in the form of pull-out drawers beneath the bed and a wall of shelves next to the television set.

Into The Blue
A burst of blue brings a vibrant and energetic atmosphere to the son’s bedroom. Designing a room for a young and active child meant that designers could be a bit bolder in their colour choice. As such, different shades of blue cover the walls, shelving system and even the bed.
Slide Aside 
Large mirror panels line the walkway that leads into the bedrooms. This visually enlarges the narrow corridor and at the same time, conveniently hides the entrance to the bathroom.

“It was necessary to retain space for the children to grow up in. At the same time, storage space was just as important to keep the home looking spic and span.”