Explore new ways to store all the toys this school holidays

A child’s playroom can either be a dreamy, fun space or a nightmare pile of toys and books strewn everywhere. If you’ve experienced the latter, you’ll want to check out this handy list of organizing ideas to keep clutter at bay, so you and your child can enjoy a more peaceful time at home:

1. Use see-through boxes and label them clearly

SAMLA Box, $20. Picture: IKEA

So you know exactly where everything is and where everything should go. It also helps develop your child’s self-help skills and promotes responsibility. Get them involved in the labeling too, so they start to take ownership of their things.

2. Get a mixture of open and closed shelves

EKET Cabinet, $490. Picture: IKEA

You can choose to organize a large shelf depending on the age of your child. If you have two or more children, arrange books, toys, and trinkets in a way that’s suitable for each of them.

For instance, board games for older children can sit on the bottom shelves for easy retrieval.

3. Make packing easy with a roller cart

Book Storage Cart – Mr Bear. Picture: Furnituresg.net

If you’re looking for storage that looks good and is super functional at the same time, a roller cart is just what you’re looking for. You can even make them yourself using a crate from a hardware store or IKEA and some wheels!

This makes packing a breeze, especially when the toys overflow to the other parts of the house.

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4. Make use of vertical shelving

Vertical shelves save so much space, and you can hang them practically anywhere — behind the door, on the wall, in the cupboard — you get the drift. Use them to store anything, from books to soft toys to craft supplies.

Mesh baskets work well as they’re pretty lightweight and inexpensive, not to mention safer than materials like wood that can splinter and hurt a child.

5. Clear shoe organizers work too!

If you opt for clear acrylic shoe storage solutions, your shoes will be stay in good nick. Picture: Getty

Or go extra creative and use shoe organizers for storage! Get a transparent one so you and your child can see everything at once, which makes retrieving and replacing items easy.

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6. Hang your kids’ artworks on the walls

In My Place with Norsu founder Nat Wheeler. Picture: Erinna Giblin

If you’ve no idea how to store the stacks of drawings and artwork made by your child, but can’t bear to throw them away, try putting them up on the wall! You can use a fishing line, or frame them up for a gallery-style wall. Then, you can replace them as newer ones come along.

It shows that you’re proud of his/her little accomplishments, and can help build their self-esteem.

7. A drop-leaf table help hides clutter too

NORBERG table, $39. Picture: IKEA

If space is a big concern, as it is in many Singaporean homes, a drop-leaf table will definitely save floor room. Get one that comes with shelves too for even more storage. Remember vertical shelving? This is like that, but with the added bonus of having a table for crafting!

8. Magnetic stripes are perfect for toy cars

Tired of slipping on one of these? A simple magnetic strip or two is a brilliant way to keep the toy cars off the floor and doubles up as a neat display too!

9. Store lego sets below a table like this

If you’ve ever stepped on a piece of lego, you’ll probably understand why this is so important. A sliding tray below a table makes it extremely easy to ensure that no lego even touches the floor – one swipe is all it takes to stow them away!

10. Or color-code them!

You can sneakily turn this organizing idea into a game for your young ones – “How fast can you separate the pieces?” Basically, no more messy lego piles and a (hopefully) more responsible child!

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